I live in Muskoka and wish to find a quality retailer who will be honest and knowledgeable with me about purchasing a mattress. I like the feel of the I comfort medium softness but would consider other types as well. Want a mattress that will last for a good number of years. We have The Brick, Leons, in Huntsville but I would travel to Barrie or TO if I had to but need your help in narrowing down the retailers. I have lower back issues and osteo arthritis so have a lot of pain just moving around, I need your expert help as soon as possible because my present mattress a pillowtop with box springs does not help all the tossing and turning I do every night. Thanks for any information you can give me. PS size will be King my spouse is a larger man.

Hi jeep2,

I sent you a PM about your username.

Unfortunately there are no local manufacturers close to you so I spent the day with an online “project” looking to see what was available around the Muskoka area both to answer your post and for the benefit of others who may be in the general area that will also be interested.

I’ve listed the better “possibilities” along with the brands they carry that I would focus on. I didn’t have a chance to talk with them and you will likely need to do some further phone research along the lines of this article to find out how knowledgeable they are about mattress materials and whether they can provide you with meaningful information about their mattresses. Without this … you have no way to really know the quality or value of a mattress you are considering. These are the results of looking at about 3 dozen outlets or so.

There are a few Toronto based wholesale manufacturers which will may have better than average quality and value if you see them at a retail outlet and these would be worth considering (depending on the price and the retailers ability to provide you with specs). They would also likely provide you with the names of any retailers close to you that carried them in case I’ve missed any. These are …

The retail stores I would focus on include …

South to BARRIE, ON Huntsville, ON. Sueno These are made by SleepTek and have good quality and use all natural materials but tend to have a more premium price. Huntsville, ON Dreameasy Bracebridge, ON. Therapedic Parry Sound, ON. Dreamstar, (possibly Marshall) Parry sound, ON. Galaxy Bedding Minden, ON. Lady Americana Moonstone, ON. DreamEasy?


Mattresses, Furniture and Bedding | Canada Sleep Paradise Barrie, ON. Dreamstar Barrie, ON. Springwall Barrie, ON. Therapedic, Strata, Yorkdale (Dreamstar), Natura Midland, ON. Natura Midland, ON. Dreamstar, Eztia, Therapedic

Hart’s Country Furniture Sutton, ON. Therapedic

Products – Scanica CA Newmarket, ON. Dreamstar Newmarket, ON. Dreameasy Aurora, ON. OMI, Magniflex, ZedBed. Meaford, ON. Carry SleepTek mattresses

If you do decide to go to Toronto there are many factory direct manufacturers there which tend to have good quality and value and many of them can customize a mattress for your needs and preferences. They are listed in post #1 here.

There is a step by step process listed in mattress shopping tutorial which will greatly increase your odds of ending up with a great quality and value mattress. The first step is to do a bit of reading so you can ask better questions when you talk with the manufacturers/retailers on the list and will give you a much better sense of which ones really are “mattress people”.

Hope this helps and if you have questions along the way feel free to post them here.