Help wanted for a new mattress shopper who has lower back pain and can't stand hard or firm mattresses and heat

Hi, I’m currently suffering from chronic lower back pain, mostly muscles needing relief, and i am searching for a mattress that isn’t bad for my back, spine, or joints in the long run? I prefer memory foam, but I’m not sure if I should go with something else.

My current bed is, unfortunately, a Nectar full size that has deep crevices in it from my elbows and arms. I’m 200+ pounds, 5’7", and a back sleeper. Also, I strongly prefer to be less heated, because I have always had the problem with overheating and sweating in my bedsheets (which is why I use only cotton bedsheets and linen), so maybe a mattress that doesn’t make me end up sweating so much from the heat.

I don’t know anything about shopping for mattresses, so I apologize for my awkward first attempt at getting my first mattress in years.

Edit: it would also be appreciated if the bed I find helps with pressure points.

Tempurpedic Luxe Adapt Firm

Like a firm marshmallow
Firm but conforming.

Steer clear of the Luxebreeze line. The cooling agents make it feel stiffer. Go with Luxe Adapt Firm.

Another option is Aireloom Preferred Luxetop M1/M2 in Firm/Plush. 4 mattresses. I like M1 Firm myself. Dont buy at Macys.


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Ok….you sleep hot. Look at Luxe Breeze line. At Tempurpedic flagship store they have Active Breeze. Has fans blowing air through it. $10k though.

MLily Power Breeze is less pricy, but srill has fans.

I like Tempurpedic over MLily though.


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You’re not alone in the nectar sinking frying situation. After we rejected our trial I threw ours into the guest room where we had an ancient innerspring.

We’re going to try latex this time, I think, but if you’re set on foam, tuft & needle does a good job of heat dissapation & support. With the topper the mint is great. We just need a split king now & I require a little extra pressure point relief.

If you’re a hot sleeper, as long as you have AC in the room, get a Bed Jet. Life changing. Seriously. We’ve had ours for 5+ years & we tried another setup. Those suckers are going right back on the bed as soon as I can get this other failure of a sleep number bed out of my house. We have a pair and the divided cloud sheet.:pinched_fingers:

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Thank you so much! I will definitely check that out! I have heard of Tempur Pedic, but now that you recommend it, I will definitely give it a try!

Thank you so much!


Ok! Definitely will also check out MLily, just in case. Though, I guess that means I should look at Tempur Pedic first.

Thank you so much!


Alright! Thank you for that advice!

Tempur Pedic
Bed Jet

Maybe: MLily

Thank you for your time! Mostly it was because my arm started making indentations in the nectar mattress and they refused to help at all or fix it. I decided right then that I don’t want to support their business anymore.

So, yeah, the first two I must try, the last one will be just in case it fits me better.

Thank you!


To quote our article on sleeping positions…

“Back sleeping is the second most common position and has a slightly less curvy profile than side sleeping. The “gap” that needs to be filled in with the comfort layer for pressure relief is generally the small of the back (the lumbar area) and because the “gaps” in your profile are not quite as deep as in side sleeping, a slightly thinner top layer will generally work a little better. In back sleeping in other words a slightly shallower cradle is needed. A good starting point for a back sleeper is 2” of softer material on top of your mattress and then increasing or decreasing from there depending on other factors like weight, preferences, or other sleeping positions."

Since you’re new to mattress shopping, I’d also recommend you take a look at our Mattress Shopping Tutorial and this article about durable materials.

Unfortunately, memory foam very easily collapses under body heat which is why it tends to “sleep hot.” However, there’s a lot to be said about the microclimate of a mattress.

There are also some types of synthetic fibers (such as coolmax) which are specifically designed to draw moisture away from the skin and disperse it to the rest of the layer which can be effective as well.

In terms of sheets and bedding … natural or artificial fibers (cotton or various cellulosic fibers) are more cooling than synthetic fibers and linen is perhaps the coolest of all.

You can see more about the different factors that can affect sleeping temperature in post #2 here and more about the microclimate of a mattress in post #29 here.

I hope this helps! We are here to answer any questions :slight_smile:


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