Help with Avocado Mattress?

We recently purchased an Avacado pillow top mattress to replace our aging sleepnumber bed. We read many reviews indicating that mattress may be a little firm for our side sleeping style so we also ordered an additional latex plush sleep topper from avacado. I weigh 240 pounds and my wife 140. We both find the mattress uncomfortably firm for side sleeping. I am at a loss if we purchased the wrong topper or the wrong mattress. Will this hybrid mattress continue to get softer and this improve for side sleeping comfort? Does anyone have any advice we should consider on making this a better bed for us?

There’s a normal break in period with new mattresses during which they will soften up and become more conforming. The process can take a month or more of normal use but can be facilitated by crawling the new mattress which is commonly done at most mattress stores. You simply get on your hands and knees and crawl up and down the mattress covering the entire area being careful near the edges. You can repeat that a few times and you should find that the mattress feels softer and more comfortable. I’d suggest doing this directly on the mattress with the additional latex topper removed. Hope that helps you.

  • Bill

Thank you we will give that a try.