Help with back problem with several types of beds


I’m hoping you can shed some light on my next step for the following problem. I must do something. My sleep is disturbed in a major way on a nightly basis.

I wake up may times a night and have to stretch my back to fall back asleep. The stiffness is in the middle of my back. After being up a few minutes in the morning it goes away.

I’m 5" 3’, 140 pounds. I sleep on my stomach mainly, with one leg jutted out and sometimes on my side. When i lay on my back the pain goes away, but I have trouble falling asleep in that position. I have a custom platform bed. It provides excellent support to the mattress.

I’m on my third bed:
First was memory foam. I can’t remember the manufacturer, but I got it from Sit and Sleep. I slept on it for many years, even though it bothered my back.
I then tried the Nest full latex bed. Tried both the medium and firm latex topper Returned it.
I now have the Hybrid Coil mattress from Arizona Prem. It has the medium latex topper. I should have returned it, but did not. My bad.

When I can’t fall back asleep in my bed I move to my couch. It is 65% polyurethane foam pad, 15% textile waste fiber pad of unknown kind, 12% cotton waste batting and 8% resinated polyester fiber batting.

When I sleep there, my back hurts not at all or much less.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Honestly since you have tried all latex and our hybrid, which has excellent back and stomach support, I think it’s more a medical issue than anything. Have you tried something on the softer end instead?

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t think it’s a medical issue, because I sleep very well on many hotel beds and I am in excellent all around health.

Since I can unzip and put in a new topper to my Hybrid Coil bed (I have no doubt this is a great product, it just is not working for me for some reason), I’d like a recommendation on things I might try.

I think trying softer is a good suggestion, since I guess latex is considered firm? What would you suggest?
Could I try something that resembles what is in my couch. It does not bother my back.

Are my questions only going to you or to everyone?. Maybe I could get suggestions from other people as well, that maybe have also encountered this problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Could you please tell me the ild number of your medium latex.

Thank you,


The all natural talalay is #25-29 ILD which is referred to as Medium.

Ellen, I have had 4 back surgeries and am in constant pain EXCEPT when in my bed which is100% Latex. The proper layering of latex of different densities will give proper support combined with pressure point relief such that you can experience a near weightless sensation. The proper combination for your body will depend on your length and weight and your sleeping position. Coil spring mattresses, except for the very small individually pocketed ones like the old Beautyrest, were never any good for me, and torture since my back problems began 20 years ago. Since then I have learned how to get rid of my pain at least at night, by creating a DIY mattress for myself. It may take some experimentation, but I believe that the 100% latex is the way to go.

Thank you Ken, appreciate it.


Hi Catmar:

Four surgeries, OMG! Below is the link to the longer thread between me and Phoenix. My first bed, the start of my journey was all latex from Nest Bedding. I returned it, because my problem persisted. I probably could have gone further with that material, by customizing. I plan on essentially doing the same thing as a comfort layer, but am starting with the Hybrid Coils (these are individually wrapped coils and I’m at the point where I’m specifying the gauge).

Thank you for your advice, very kind of you. I so happy you found a solution!



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