Help with DIY mattress

We have been shopping for a few weeks looking at mattress’s and oddly enough ended up trying a latex mattress and likely it a lot. I have not been a big fan of foam mattresses in the past due to sleeping on them when staying places and having them sleeping hot. We have always slept on tradition coil mattress so this is going to be a big change, hopefully for the best.
Me -5’11,225 lb,side sleeper.
Wife-5’5,170 lb, side sleeper

The mattress we are looking at is a Sleep Natural carried by Mark’s Mattress and to my understanding is a Johnson City Mattress, but i can find info on their site to be sure. This mattress is fairly expensive at $4999 and I want to make sure that I invest that kind of money wisely
Perfect Temp Technology Quilting
1.25" Kool Touch Foam
1" Supersoft Latex
1" Plush Latex
2" Plush Latex
6" Latex Core
1.85" Base

I have looked at DITMattress and the LatexfactoryOutlet to see if I can come close to the mattress above, but given the lack of information from the Sleep Natural along with the different thickness, I feel like its a shot tin the dark.
I have configured this mattress from the DIYMatress site, can anyone help to see if this mite be similar.
Layer 1:
DIY Talalay Toppers
Size (3" thick):
Layer 2:
DIY Dunlop Toppers
Size (3" thick):
Layer 3:
DIY Dunlop Toppers
Size (3" thick):
Layer 4:
DIY Dunlop Toppers
Size (3" thick):
DIY Quilted Cover - Hybrid - King


In my experience it’s very difficult to try to replicate a mattress that you like with DIY. You may want to consider speaking with someone from one of the Trusted Members of this site to see if they can help . Some of them have forums here where you can ask questions. I personally recommend Latex Mattress Factory. You can tell them your weight, preferred sleeping position, and anything else you feel is important, and they will help you to make the right choices.

You may also want to consider buying components from different sellers separately, since many sellers only allow for one return per year in their return policy.