Help with Flexus latex layering causing back Pain

My partner and I got flexus comfort latex mattress after trying Bear hybrid and Keetsa plus. Neither worked out so we decided to try latex layering. We chose Flexus comfort because they are local.
The mattress is a little over a year old but for the past 6-7 months, we have been in excruciating pain, and have had the worse sleeps. I’ve developed bursitis on my hip. We know it’s the mattress because when we stay in hotels or sleep in other home beds, the pain goes away. We’ve tried moving the layers around but can’t get it to work for us.
I love latex because I sleep hot but my partner is absolutely over it. They hate the bounciness of latex, Plus to make matters worse, we didn’t love our experience with Flexus comfort.
We’ve talked to Henry at Flexus but his suggestions aren’t insightful.

We are both curvy body and about 190lb and 220lbs.
Both side and back sleepers - Mostly side.

We said we wanted a firm mattress with plush top feeling. The configuration we originally purchased are as follows:

bottom to top
3” dunlop latex - medium (split)
3” dunlop latex - firm (split)
3” dunlop latex - soft (split)
3” dunlop soft topper

We’ve ditched the softs because using them caused even more pain. We tested it by taking each soft topper off . We took the first soft topper off and slept on that, and then we took the split soft toppers off.
We tried medium at bottom and then firm at the top and vice versus with each topper.

Currently, we have firm at the bottom and medium at the top. So we are sleeping on only 6 inch latex mattress. :confused: The pain is less but the pressure on our hips and mid back is quite intense. Using the soft toppers hasn’t work out.

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this layering? Or should we just ditch it and try a new mattress. We spend almost $2k :sob: So I was hoping I could somehow fix this.

Sorry for the long message.

Sorry you’re experiencing so much discomfort with your latex setup. Since apparently the soft layers are too soft for you, I’d suggest trying from bottom to top F-M-M. The 6" F-M arrangement is likely just not thick enough for you to avoid pressure from your foundation and/or the firm layer, adding another 3" of medium would be the next logical combo to try. Since you have all split M & F layers you could try out a F-M-M setup on one side only by just stacking the two split layer mediums on top of a firm layer. Then if it works out for you both you’d have to get another layer of medium latex. Sound reasonable to try? If you find the F-M-M lacking in support, next you could try F-F-M still avoiding the soft layers. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  • Bill

That’s a great suggestion!! Definitely a reasonable experiment to try. We will give it a go and add another 3” medium if it works. Thanks for your response!

Hi tjade,
Welcome to the Mattress Underground!
So sorry to hear you have been having pain. We would agree with Bill that a firmer feel may help.

We don’t have a lot to add to Bill’s excellent reply except perhaps to check what you have your mattress sitting on. If you are looking for a firmer feel (and it sounds like you are) a firm foundation is important and to make sure slats are close enough together if it is a slatted foundation.
Good luck, and hope you find a solution that works for you.

Hi tjade and welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

Thanks @Sweet_Dreams and @TheCleanBedroom for your insights…I agree, you likely have a too thick too soft comfort layer(s), which, for higher BMI sleepers, can cause you to sink in too far, ‘bottoming out’ on the firmer layers below. Sorry to hear you were not totally satisfied with your interactions with @FLEXUS_COMFORT …Henry has quite a lot of experience and they do go ‘above and beyond’ for their customers, but you might have got him on a busy or stressful day, and so might have found your interaction less engaging than expected, certainly not the norm for Flexus!

Keep in mind your ideal mattress will be based on your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions), and your PPP (Posture & alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences).

As per the previous comments, your best me to step would be to try out a medium comfort layer to see how that feels; it’s not art all unusual to have to do some trial and error to zero in on the best combination of comfort and support. As you have already done with the comfort layers, trying them each by removing layers - or if possible trying them out by laying on the individual layers Bob the floor and noting how it feels on your pressure points - can provide insight and hopefully keep you from an excessive amount of trying and exchanging layers.

Please keep us posted on how it’s going, we wish you great success so you can get great comfortable and supportive sleep!

~ Basilio

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Thank you all your insight and replies. We’ve been experimenting with the layers and finally landed on a good combo. Sleeping on two firm layers have yielded the best and painless sleep for both of us.

I added a medium to mine for additional comfort so I ended up with [firm/firm/medium] and my partner slept best on [firm/firm] - just two layers. They dipped too much into the mattress when we added a medium on top of the two firms. So we plan on buying another firm or extra firm topper to use as the bottom layer, and layering our splits on that.

I don’t know what the pros & cons would be between the firm and extra firm at the bottom. I tend to see more firms than extra firm in mattress configurations.

Thank you!

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Hi tjade,

Congratulations on finding a good combination for your mattress! As far as the bottom support layer, that’s basically up to your preferences. In most cases a firm bottom layer will suffice, unless the sleeper needs more support (higher BMI or special needs due to health conditions). You should be fine with a firm layer - and wishing you both many relaxing nights of sleep going forward!

~ Basilio

@TheCleanBedroom @Basilio @Sweet_Dreams
Thank you all for your previous help.

So far, my two top layers work but I’m still working on the support layer as we can’t sleep on 6 inch layer. We got a firm bottom support layer but it is 3 inch Talalay and too bouncy. When I spoke to rep, they seemed to explain that Talalay isn’t that bouncy but it is for us. We hate it! We realized we want a very firm bed with no bounciness or motion transfer. Is that possible with latex?
Will a 2 inch extra firm dunlop latex support be sufficient? Should we order a 3 inch extra firm dunlop or will an HD Polyfoam be more supporting?

I figured we get an extra firm just in case the firm isn’t firm enough for the bottom.

The current layering we have are from bottom to top
3 inch firm Talalay (I am returning, too bouncy)
3 inch split medium
3 inch split firm

Unfortunately putting the split firm at the bottom made the bed feel uneven and doesn’t structurally work well for us. It needs to be a non split bottom support layer.