Hi there, I am on my second Serta mattress that is seriously failing after just a few days, the first one was a Vera Wang with a foam core…they replaced it so we decided and hoped we would get longer wear out of a innerspring mattress so we went with the Taurus super pillow top. We paid 2600.00 for the initial Vera Wang and the replacement was in that same price range. We are now less than 2 months into the 2nd mattress and we sink down to the spings! I am about to call them but my feeling is they will do nothing so we are going to have to go on our 3rd mattress hunt in a year and I am really tired of hunting. I love the idea of having one custom made for us to meet our individual needs. We live in the Knoxville, TN area so can you recommend a manufacturer in this area that could help us not make another 2600.00 mistake. We replaced our 12 year old sleep number bed which we never had an issue with except that it was sagging after 12 years. How do you feel about those types of mattresses? Not neccessariry the sleep number brand because I feel they are grossly overpriced. Just wondering if we should try that route again. I am 4’11" 130lbs a side and stomach sleeper and my husband is 6’1"around 300lbs. and sleeps on his back and side. Am I asking for too much to just want a bed we can sleep somewhat comfortably on for longer than a few months? Silly me! Thanks for any help you can give us to make a more informed decision.

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry it took a while to reply to this but for some reason your post wasn’t showing up in recent posts which is the view I usually use. Now that I do see it … the date keeps changing as well to the most recent time I have looked at it. It may be a glitch of the forum software that doesn’t treat anonymous posts the same way but in any case I’m replying now :slight_smile:

My feelings about airbeds are in the article here. I am not a fan of these in any way and I believe that not only are they overpriced but because air is an all or nothing material and has no progressive resistance that it makes a poor support layer for a mattress.

I also can sympathize with your mattress plight. Unfortunately a mattress is only as good and durable as its weakest link and in the case of major manufacturers the weakest link is usually lower quality polyfoam in the mattress. Unfortunately they are not so open about the materials they use which is part of the reason why I never recommend them. Even their best mattresses that do use higher quality materials can’t compete for value with most factory direct manufacturers who will normally tell you what is in each layer of their mattresses.

So no … you are not asking too much at all … but it’s really a matter of knowing where to buy a mattress where in addition to using better quality materials at a lower cost … the staff has the knowledge and experience and will take the time to fit you to the choice that is best for you rather than the mattress that is best for their profit margin.

There are a couple of factory direct manufacturers in or near Knoxville. They are … Knoxville, TN. They make a range of innerspring, memory foam, and latex mattresses. Cleveland, TN. I would focus on their own mattresses and avoid the major brands they also carry.

There are also a few wholesale manufacturers in Tennessee that sell through local dealers that may also have some better quality/value options. You could either call them for a local retailer or check the dealer locator on their websites if they have one. They are … Celina, TN

Home page Franklin, TN Chatttanooga, TN Nashville, TN Licensee for Restonic and Springwall in Johnson City, TN is a National manufacturer that makes a range of good quality Talalay latex mattresses and you can check their retail store locator for stores that carry them in the area.

Another advantage of local manufacturing is that they can often custom build a mattress using materials that take your husbands weight into account and make a mattress that will be more durable for your circumstances. They can sometimes also make a “split” construction where each side of the mattress is built for each of your own unique needs and preferences which can be a real advantage where there is such a large weight difference between a couple.

If you have any questions along the way feel free too post them … and again my apologies in taking so long to reply.