I live in the Houston Texas area, and the closest recommended mattress store is Fort Worth 4 + hours away…all this info is overloading my 60 yr old brain and I am so confused…Just need a mattress that helps with severe back issues and am leaning toward Latex. Is there something is this area (Northwest of Houston) that I can go try out that is comparable to the Latex offered at the Forth Worth store? I would like to purchase in the next couple of days…any help would be appreciated!!!
My husband and I are both over 200 lbs and prefer a firmer mattress. but not too firm ha!

Hi momzilla,

Post #2 here.has some of the better options and possibilities in the Houston area I’m aware of and you have some good choices available to you.

Hopefully you have also read post #1 here which includes most of the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will find most helpful.