Helpful Info about Mattress

I am currently looking for a new mattress. I am a side sleeper who goes to bed cold therefore, I layer under covers & wake up sweating, sometimes my limbs go numb & tingle, and I also need a couple friendly bed. I currently own a sleep number bed and HATE it which causes me to sleep on the sofa.

I recently went mattress shopping and liked the feel of the icomfort prodigy and the temper comfort cloud breeze. I am no longer into name brands and mark up prices. I am just looking for a good mattress, better night of sleep, and the chance to sleep in the same bed as my husband.

I have also did a little reading online and discovered I had a local mattress company in my area (Kansas City, MO), Lebeda Mattress Factory. I think the Spring Breeze F was a good feel but I am not sure if the material is the best value/quality. Can you help with this? I am also interested in finding additional mattresses at a little lower of a cost (less than $2,000).

I checked out to determine if the Geneva 9" is a good fit. I checked out to determine if Select Sleep 9000 Latex Mattress with Three layers of 100% natural latex is a good fit. What are your thoughts?

After doing some more reading I think we need a gel infused form with a form density of at least 4". Please help. I am looking to make a purchase by Friday Dec. 14, 2012

Hi TeeD15,

The first thing I would suggest is to read post #1 here and the information it links to. This will give you some basic information which will help you ask better questions and help you with what to look for and help you decide on the type of materials that you prefer (for example you are looking at memory foam and latex which are very different and one of the first steps would be to decide which you prefer).

Besides gathering some basic information about materials and mattresses … the next most important step is to eliminate the worst choices and then focus on finding the better manufacturers and retailers in your area who can help you make the best choices that are not only suitable to your specific needs and preferences but have good quality and value.

A mattress is only as good as it’s components and materials so no matter where you buy from it’s important to make sure you know every layer that is in a mattress you are considering. This is the only way to make meaningful comparisons between mattresses. Without this you are making a “blind” purchase no matter who you are buying from.

I’d be happy to give you my thoughts about the Lebeda but you would need to find out all the layers and the quality of the materials inside it so I know what is inside the mattress. They should be able to provide this for you.

Luxepedic (NOTE: now called Christeli) is owned by Park Place which is a larger manufacturer that is family owned and has been in business for a long time (since 1931). Like with the Lebeda though … it’s important to know all the layers in a mattress (layer thickness and materials) you are considering and much of this is missing from their site so you would need to call and ask about the layering of the Geneva in order to make comparisons with other mattresses. You can also see the criteria I suggest when you are considering a memory foam mattress in post #10 here. As you can see I would want to make sure they are Certipur certified (or at least use American made foam) and know all the details of the layers including the densities of the foam they use (not just the memory foam).

SleepEz is a member of this site and they are among the best of the best in the country. If you are looking at a latex mattress they are certainly among your best choices if you are looking online. They use great quality materials from top to bottom of their mattress (either Talalay latex or Dunlop latex depending on your preferences). Their materials and layering are fully transparent and are on their site.

since there is no formula that can match body weight/height and sleeping positions to a mattress … there are really only two ways to know if a mattress may be suitable for you. One is to test the mattress in person (or a mattress that is very similar if you are looking at an online purchase). This is by far the most accurate way.

The second is to talk with the manufacturer who will help you decide on which model they sell that may be most suitable for you based on your height/weight and sleeping positions and using “averages” along with any feedback you provide from your local testing as a guideline.

Whether you make a local purchase or a online purchase … some good local testing can greatly increase your odds of choosing wisely.

The better options that I’m aware of in the Kansas City area are listed in post #2 here.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: