Here's a new question- what about temporary beds for guests?

First thanks for the great info and direction leading me to purchase a flo bed mattress in 1/2020- it is still awesome! And with my Chili Pad and Bed Jet (yes, the thing shouldn’t be so great, but it is) sleeping is heaven.
Now I’m helping someone find a temporary bed, for their home, for their elderly mother. Some priorities that come to mind- not too low, not too high, not too expensive, but comfortable.
Any thoughts?- it’s OK if you don’t want to go down this rabbit hole-- just thought I’d ask.

Hi ewolsh36.

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Glad to hear you’re having a great experience with your buy and that you’re looking to find something supportive for someone else.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty subjective question. As someone elderly, they likely have a number of support needs but whether they require plush or firm is an unknown. Are they bed bound? If so, they likely require reinforced edges and probably an adjustable frame.

We also don’t know their weight. Heavier people and lighter people also have differing needs, and then on top of that, we don’t know if they sleep hot/cold or have a requirement in that regard.

There are plenty of great medium firmness mattresses that can be used in guest bedrooms that I could recommend, but I don’t know that that would necessarily give your friend a useful starting point for their elderly parent.

Strictly for guests, I’d recommend something like Nest Bedding’s Sparrow or maybe the Quadraflex from Flexus (firmness can be customized) or the Ultimate Hybrid from Arizona Premium Mattress.


Hi ewolsh36! Thanks for sharing your positive experience with the Flo Bed mattress and sleep accessories. It’s great to hear that you’re looking to help someone find a temporary bed for their elderly mother. Considering their needs, such as not too low or high, and not too expensive but comfortable, there are a few factors to consider.

Firstly, the height of the bed is important, and chairs usually range from 18-22 inches, so it’s helpful to test the best height for the elderly mother when getting in and out of a chair. Secondly, comfort is subjective, but for guest rooms, a medium feel is often a safe choice, following the hotel philosophy. If needed, you can always make the mattress firmer by adding an inexpensive topper.

Given guest bedrooms or temporary beds are assigned lower budgets, here are a few other options to consider that are little more reasonably priced in addition to Nikki’s suggestions. DLX’s Essential mattress starts at $499.99 for a twin size and $699.99 for a queen. The Essential Hybrid is on the firmer side, but many people find it comfortable without a topper. However, if extra comfort is desired, a topper can be added. Additionally, if budget allows, we have our you can also have a look at DLX Classic Hybrid Mattress, which offers a softer and more middle-of-the-road feel compared to the Essential. While it may be beyond the budget, I wanted to mention it as an option for consideration. Feel free to explore it further if it aligns with the desired comfort level for the elderly mother. Alternatively, you can always have a look at the Trusted Members Directory to see if there are other good quality/value options in the budget ranges you are looking for a guest bedroom. All these beds have the specs freely disclosed and you are sure to know what to expect from your mattress along the way.