He's over 6' tall, muscley and sleeps hot; I'm 5:8", not muscley and sleep cold......

Oh thank goodness… I’ve spent so much time looking at mattress reviews that I’ve had a headache for days and days. I know that you don’t recommend particular brands, but perhaps you can recommend a particular type or types of mattresses for my Huz and me. He is 6’1" and weighs 230, all muscle from the waist up (think Mr. Clean). I am 5:8" and weigh around 140. He has terrible sleep apnea, sleeps with a CPAP machine and sleeps very very hot. I sleep cold and curled up on my side. He sleeps primarily on his side. I have pressure issues on hip that sometimes extend into lower back. We have an old Ortho Super Premium Empress that we’ve had a Novaform foam topper on for a couple of years. Now it’s time to buy a new mattress, but where to start? We have tried out several different kinds and it’s all a mystery to us. Like when the optometrist asks you to say which blurry vision is better and they both look the same. Like that. We can rule out some as too hard (for me because of pressure) or too soft (he likes a firmer bed), but there are so many types of beds in the middle (ok but which is best). What we don’t want to do is to get hustled by a mattress salesperson and then regret it a couple of months later. Given our demographics, can you please give us your thoughts on what type of mattress would be best for us? We live in San Francisco (and I’ve read all your excellent posts to the other SF writer), so any direction that you can point us would be very much appreciated!

Hi baycyd,

As you can see in mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here … my goal is to help the members here with how to choose but not what to choose. There are too many variables and unknowns and differences between people for any “theory at a distance” to be an effective way of making a good mattress choice for someone else out of the thousands that are available.

As you can see in post #13 here … I also wouldn’t spend too much time reading reviews which aren’t really what I would call “mattress research”.

The “best” place to start and the single most important post on the forum is post #1 here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make the best possible choices. If you follow the steps one by one then you will do well.

You have some very good quality/value options in the San Francisco area with good people that are knowledgeable and will give you good guidance. The better ones I’m aware of are listed in post #2 here.