Hey Phoenix! Need advice on

Hey Phoenix!

Long time no post! You were instrumental as a sounding board and helping me and my wife find the perfect mattress from the Good Bed Guys (GBG) in Newport Beach back in 2013. We still love the double sided mattress and it’s doing great.

I’m checking in with you again for a few reasons. I wanted to know if you know if the GBG Is still under the same ownership? I was thinking about helping my father get a new mattress out of state, however, there seems to be a number of changes with GBG since the last time we purchased a mattress from them back in 2013. For example, the person that I primarily dealt with, Alex Ortega, does not appear to be there anymore. Also, the factory seems to have moved to a completely different location, and all of the mattresses have brand new different names.

Do you know of any changes to GBG since 2013? I absolutely love the mattress that my wife and I got back in 2013, however, I’m definitely a little concerned if the company has completely changed hands.

Also out of curiosity, why is GBG not on your short list of recommended mattress makers? I thought they were at one point?

Finally, there’s a very real possibility that my wife and I may relocate from California and go to Texas. What is your opinion of Texas Mattress Makers?

Hope you and your family are staying safe and well,


Hi 5150evh.

Welcome back to our forum! :cheer:
Very glad to hear that the GB Guys served you well for almost a decade. I am glad that the company is still around.

I will be changing your topic title for ease of research and organization to help those who are looking for more info and feedback about GBG

On their “about us” page the CEO still shows Pablo Paya as the owner of the business. I don’t see any major changes in ownership since 2007 when Quality Bedding Company, Inc. was founded. Yes, I found two locations for them but they still show as being in Costa Mesa, CA. I may be that they moved within the same general area or that HQs have a different location than the manufacturing facility.

As you probably remember they are a local factory direct manufacturer making a range of innerspring and latex mattresses using high-quality materials and cotton in the layering. They have good value but are on the higher end of the range because of the cost of the materials they use.

Texas Mattress Makers here have some nice options and you may want to give them a call to see if they ship to your area. They are certainly a reputable/worthy option and as you probably know they are a member of this site which means that I think very highly of them and that I believe they compete well with the best in the industry.

I hope that you continue to sleep well, and thank you for the kind words.