Hi- new member. Question about the S Cape adjustable and timing of delivery

Hi, I have been reading TMU for awhile, very informative forum, thank you! I believe I have my mattress figured out ( whew, what a ride!) Sleep Ez 7 inch firm dunlop- medium dunlop with a 3 inch soft or medium talalay topper. ( I have hip and shoulder pain). The people there are very helpful and responsive. So now I’m trying to figure out an adjustable base - I’m thinking L and P’s S Cape 2.0 but would like to ask opinions - how important is the Pillow tilt and lumbar support you get with more expensive models? Are you satisfied with the S Cape?

The adjustable base will take 4-5 weeks for delivery, while the mattress might take a bit over a week. If I get the mattress first and set up on my slatted frame while waiting for the base- how hard will it be to do all again once the base is delivered- (Im an older woman and my son will help) ? Thank you!

Hi Aramias.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

Happy first time posting and congratulations on a great purchase from Sleep EZ. As you know, they are a Trusted Member of our site, and we think very highly of them and believe they compete with the best in the industry in terms of quality, durability, and expertise.

I know you are primarily looking for feedback from others who have used this adjustable base, so I’ll keep my reply brief :slight_smile:

This is ultimately going to be a matter of preference. You can find other conversations on the forum about this L and P model here, including Arizona Premium’s comment on the pillow tilt here.

I hope these forum posts are useful for you, and hopefully some others will weigh in as well!

Thank you Nikki. I clicked on the links you provided and realized something after readiing- I am primarily a side sleeper and a bed that doesn’t have the whole bed tilt for elevation might not work ( I need HOB elevated) unless I can retrain myself to sleep on my back. So I keep looking and the only bed I see that has that feature is the Glide away with a tilt kit- bedplanet about $1700 queen and about the same at Rest Right Mattress. I continued to look on the forum and came upon Sensei ( I think) commenting on the Alexa to use with the Glide away Odessa- and he provided a link - clicked on it & accessed the Glideaway Outlet! Saw a Glideaway queen adjustable with tilt there for $699. That is a significant savings if they are still in business- Is anyone familiar with the Glideaway Outlet or have made purchases through them? Thank you!

Ah- further reading on the outlet’s site states the products have been discontinued therefore offered at a discounted price. I will call to find out more about the warranty.