Hi, new retailer to the board

I’ve never posted here before, but received a phone call from Phoenix today and after a lengthy conversation, he invited me to join the forum and added me as a recommended retailer. I own a brick and mortar mattress store north of Pittsburgh, PA which stocks Dutch Craft brand mattresses exclusively called Beaver Valley Wholesale Mattress. We’ve been in business for a couple years now and are growing.

While I like to consider myself fairly knowledgeable in my industry, I think I’ll learn quite a bit here, and hopefully I can help answer some questions.:slight_smile: I’ll try to check in here a couple times a day.

Phoenix, I read the rules; if for any reason this post violates them please feel free to delete and/or edit it.

Hi Beaverbeds,

I also enjoyed our conversation today and it’s refreshing to find people in the industry that really do put their customer’s interests and the service they provide above their profit margin and the “sale” of a mattress.

Just to clarify though and not to diminish in any way what you are saying … The only “recommendations” that I make are the official listed members of the site. These are only a small percentage though of the manufacturers or retailers that I list either as places and people in various areas that I think highly of or represent “possibilities” where there may be better local quality and value.

In your case … you would be in the group of people that “I think highly of” :slight_smile:

I just wanted to clarify this so that people didn’t come in to your store asking for “The Mattress Underground” discount or mix up the lists of the many places I suggest that people include in their local research as a “possibility” with my official recommendations which are limited to the official members of the site

Thanks again for a great conversation today!


Thanks for the kind words. I wasn’t exactly sure how that all worked with your recommendations.
Anyway, I’ll try to check in here and help answer any questions I can:)

It is always nice to see that a vendor/retailer is willing to take the time out of his/her busy day to deal with the online masses. This is a step in the right direction. Good luck with your sales and growth.

which Dutch Craft mattresses would you recommend for a 200 pound stomach sleeper? I tried contacting Dutch Craft through their website but couldn’t get through.


The first place to start your research is the tutorial post here which has all the information, steps, and guidelines that you will need to make the best possible choices.

One of the links there is mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here which talks about the only two ways I know to make a mattress choice based either on your own personal testing for PPP or with more detailed conversations with a manufacturer or retailer that sells mattresses to consumers online and can use “averages” to help you make the best choice out of the options they offer.

Dutch Craft has some good quality and value mattresses available but they are wholesaler and don’t deal directly with the public outside of letting you know the closest retailer to you so you can test their mattresses to see which one is the best match for you in terms of PPP and the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.