Hot sleeper who makes craters

Hi All!

For background: I am a 30 year old/male 200lb 5’9" athletic/muscular build, back sleeper who rarely moves at night. Wife is 29 yo 115 lb 5’0" side sleeper. both of us sleep hot.

I am looking for a durable mattress recommendation that is not prone to indenting or running hot, budget is up to 5k.

For the last three years we have had a Satvaa luxury firm king bed and have both slept great for the first 6 mo or so until I developed a large crater on one side. we rotated this every 2 months for the past few years until I made two large craters with a sort of hump in the middle. I stopped sleeping through the night and was getting some back/shoulder and neck pain so we decided to get a new mattress.

We just got a king size Nectar Premier Copper. We are both somehow freezing and sweating at the same time with this mattress and plan to return it. The memory foam seems to trap our heat around our body even when the room air temp is very cold.

Sleep is super important to us so we are willing to spend some $$$ if we can find a good mattress that can last for longer than 3 years. We are not looking to DIY unless absolutely necessary.

Thanks so much in advanced!

Edit: We support our mattress with a split boxspring and our bed does have center supports.


My wife and I have almost the same specs as you. Im 5ft 11in and 225 pounds and a back sleeper. We both tried (Cal King) King Koil Pure Bliss Brook Firm (Medium Talalay latex)

. I liked Talalay over Dunlop.I liked the King Koil over Posh and Lavish Relax Latex. Posh had a topper of Talalay and support core of Dunlop. I hated the Dunlop. King Koil and Posh are both $5600 and not customizable. You might like the Dunlop. Felt like a hockey puck to me.

We are really looking into Flobeds Vzone. It is talalay and each side is adjustable and top layer is adjustable by zone (shoulders or hips for example). I have ordered the Flobeds yet, but at $3.5k…it looks like the best option, plus you can return it. We have not bought it yet, but might in a day or two.

Check out latex mattreses near you! My King Koil was at a California Sit N Sleep. Posh and Lavish is available nationwide. Or call Flobeds!


Hi John -

Thanks for the recommendation for the latex mattress. These are good for hot sleepers, correct?

Did you own the King coil or the Posh & Lavish or just try them out in the store? Wondering how a latex mattress holds up over time.


I just tried them out in store.

My opinion was the King Koil Brook Firm was way better than Posh and Lavish. Id still try Posh though. When I like KK in Talalay, it made me think that the Flobed Vzone was a no brainer….you can change latex layers and change VZone zones.

You are correct that I have not bought KK or P and L. Posh is only latex available nationwide im stores that I know.

Another mattress Im checking out is Tempurpedic Luxe Adapt Firm. People say it might run warm. Latex is suppose to run cool from what Ive read.

Let me know what you do!


Latex durability is amazing from what Ive read. The squishiness does not wear out easily.


Hi crater_creator.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

When it comes to sleeping hot, memory foam is a frequent adversary! It collapses under your body heat progressively throughout the night, trapping more heat and creating that “stuck in the sand” feeling.

Latex provides the same softness and support without the trapped heat and stuck feelings associated with memory foam. Of course, there are many things that contribute to the micro-climate of a mattress so you may find this topic interesting to read.

Latex is also a durable foam that shouldn’t suffer any sagging for the reasonable years of its lifespan - unless there’s an issue with the bed frame.

As for recommendations - no one recommendation is going to be the bed for you because ultimately, only you know what you feel on any given mattress in terms of support and comfort. I’d suggest looking at Nest Bedding as an option, and Naturally Nestled, as well as our other Trusted Members on the site.

I hope this helps!

Hi NikkiTMU

Thanks for the advice. We really liked the feel of the Saatva/ more of a hotel mattress, so we are hoping to try out some innerspring/latex combo mattresses this weekend. We are in the CA SF Bay Area, it looks like there are some Trusted Members nearby.

Will update if we find something

We started at a Mattressfirm. Salesmen were pushing the Beautyrest “Black” c-class firm innerspring, it was very comfortable. Price was about 4300$ for a king. We found some online reviews saying the durability wasn’t great, so we decided to hold off.

I have been trying to find a Nest mattress in a store but have had no luck, the Palo Alto showroom is permanently closed.

Thinking of trying the Sleep.365 store next as it looks like they have a latex/spring hybrid.

Greetings crater_creator and spouse. I recently went through bed-in-a-box hell, so I wanted to share my experience. After 10 years, I needed a new mattress. I thought the BIAB would be an easy solution. I started with a Nectar. It was the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on, except that I’d wake up every two hours drenched in sweat. I was able to return it (it went to a local homeless shelter) without much issue. I then tried a Plush Beds latex, hoping it would be the solution to my overheating issues. Nope. The bed was terrible in all regards—uncomfortable and a total sweat-fest. Another return (to the local homeless shelter). That’s when I found Mattress Underground. I did the research, and took note of the fact that one should buy local if possible. Turns out, there are two (were three!) companies in Spokane that build mattresses. Who knew!? I emailed the owner of Twilight Mattresses and asked for specs on their latex mattresses. He sent them immediately. I went out to their showroom and tried out a few. I settled on their “chiropractor special.” It’s been amazing. Not quite the sink-in feeling of a memory foam, but exceptionally comfortable. I sleep like the dead. No sweating—at all. I spent $3000 on it, but it has been worth every penny. The company is also willing to adjust the latex layers within the first 60 days if a customer needs more or less support. Luckily, I wasn’t even tempted. Bottom line is that comparing materials alone doesn’t cut it. It is absolutely a night-and-day experience to shop with a bonafide mattress builder.

I do want to add that I made sure the mattresses were well protected during use. I didn’t send a nasty sweaty mattress off to the local shelter.

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