Houston memory foam dealers

Hi folks, first time poster here. I performed a (admittedly cursory) search of previous topics, so hopefully I’m not retreading old ground.

Anyway, I’m currently going through the trials and tribulations of purchasing a new mattress. Thankfully, I’ve found a mattress I very much like for its level of comfort and support, the TempurPedic Contour Select. Unfortunately, though I love the mattress, $2700 for a king is a bit unpalatable.

So my question is, are there any local Houston mattress dealers that offer a product similar to this mattress without costing an arm and a leg?


Hi Ark,

Post #2 here includes a list of some of the better options in and around Houston including some that make a range of various different memory foam options. While the Contour Select uses high quality memory foam … I certainly agree that like all Tempurpedics it has has poor value. Your experience with it should prove valuable as a reference point though when you are working with some of the manufacturers or outlets that offer similar or better quality and better value.

I think that this thread may also be quite helpful as well.