Houston suggestions (and some forum trolling)

Hello Phoenix,

Thanks for sharing infomative tips to consider before going to buy Mattresses. I hope these will help me to shop best and more comfortable mattresses. I live in Houston,Texas. Can you suggest me local store here where i can find my choices I am too side sleeper like Garfieldgirl ?

Hi mattresstx,

Post #2 here has a list of the better options in and around Houston that I’m aware of. You have some very good choices available to you in terms of quality and value in a wide range of different mattresses. I would spend some time on the phone first to discuss your needs and preferences with the different outlets and then visit the ones that you “connect” with and are the most promising based on your initial conversations.


Hi Phoenix, so tomorrow is the big day and I just wanted some last minute advise.

Davisworld seems to be a good store to buy a mattress, our only problem is that they have no trial period on any of the mattresses. brad is afraid we will buy the mattress and a few weeks later his back is hurting daily and we cant exchange or return. it seems only the big stores with really BIG prices offer this.
We really want to stay under $2500 for a mattress, the only place that makes sense to purchase a mattress is at comforttouchmattress/electropedics in Clairemont. But the only mattress in our price range is 3" of tallalay latex and 6" of SOY foam under…

How would you rate soy foam…and also because of our budget…should we consider memory foam?

Also, ORTHOMATTRESS has a AVANT mattress, manufactured by them…Its 3"latex over over 6"of memory foam.
You didnt really recommend ortho…

So I’m leaning towards the other place for the latex and soy mattress. I’ve realized with our budget I cant really expect 100% latex…especially natural latex…

Davisworld also has a mixed mattress but they do not offer any trial period and that concerns Brad. what would you get with our budget…considering we need a Eastern King size…

thanks, Perla
wish us luck!
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Garfield Girl -

Your budget should easily be able to afford you an all-Latex foam mattress in King size, although it sounds as if you may have to resort to ordering online if all the local retailers are priced higher than that. We are planning to order a King size SleepEZ 13000, which is 4 layers - 3" each - of latex foam stacked inside an organic cotton quilted to wool case for $2400 before the 5% Mattress Underground discount (and tax for us, since we’re local to them). You can get thinner models for even less.


You could easily go test mattresses at the Healthy Back store, which seems to have a retail location near you, to find out what combination of layering you prefer, and then order from SleepEZ which has a 90-day comfort guarantee. You can switch out a layer, or if you decide you really don’t like the mattress you can return it minus a $100 return fee within the 90 days.

Hi GarfieldGirl,

I think Maia said it as well as I could and I thought I’d just re-inforce what she said. You are certainly in the price range for an all latex mattress and you do have several good options in the San Diego area on the list but if the premium for a local purchase is too high … then I would use your local testing as a guideline for an online purchase as Maia mentioned. You can use the online manufacturers listed in post #21 here as a price reference to make sure the local “value” in in a reasonable range. It’s always preferable to test and purchase a mattress locally so you know how it performs and feels but once the “premium” for a local purchase is more than about 20% or so (of course this is individual preference) compared to a similar “value” mattress … then I would look more seriously at an online purchase of a similar mattress.

Soy foam is just polyurethane foam (polyfoam) that has had a small percentage of the petrochemical polyols (one of the two main chemicals in memory foam and polyfoam) used to make it replaced with plant oil polyol alternatives. It isn’t “soy based” at all but it is often used as part of a “green” story. It would be directly comparable to polyfoam in similar densities.

As far as specific outlets or mattresses … you will find a range of prices for similar mattresses and this is part of your local research to reach a point where you can make “apples to apples” comparisons and know which are better value. If you talk with some of the outlets you will see that some of them have better value than others for similar mattresses but they all can be used for testing and finding out which materials and types of mattresses you prefer. Just never make a purchase until you have had a chance to make comparisons with other similar mattresses that are available to you. The “testing” stage in other words is not about comparing prices … but about comparing different types of mattresses and layers and finding out which best fits your needs and preferences. Once you have a sense of the type of mattress that you like … then is the time to start including pricing in your research and eliminating the ones that use the materials you want but where the prices are too high compared to others in the area … or online.

Each outlet has a different range of “services” or “benefits” they offer and all of these can be reflected in the prices of their mattresses. Comfort exchanges can be an expensive benefit for a retail outlet to offer if too many people use it to make poor choices and services like this have to be added to the prices of the mattresses so they become a “hidden cost”. Each person has a different idea of the importance of benefits like this and a different level of confidence about their ability to choose correctly the first time so for those where a comfort exchange is important (or some method of making changes after the purchase like the layer exchanges offered by many online manufacturers) … then this would be part of your individual “value equation” and may be worth paying more for a similar mattress or may be a factor in which outlet you purchase from just to have this benefit

Overall though there are some “better than average” value choices available locally and your budget is certainly enough to be looking at more than a latex/polyfoam hybrid. I would use all the mattresses available to you including the more expensive ones as “testing grounds” and then when you know what you prefer … use more specific comparisons between different outlets or online to find the better “value” in the type of mattresses you prefer.

Hope this helps.


Hi phoenix, it has been one week since we purchased our new mattress. We went for an all natural latex (6’‘) with a soy foam base (7’‘) total 13’'mattress, firm. We have been sleeping on it for one week and unfortunately it has been very painful on both our backs…we are now out that money ($2400.00) and this type of mattress is non-returnable. It is a good mattress, just not good for us! :frowning:

We need to purchase another mattress, is their any you can recommend some mattresses for us to check out. Brad is now sleeping in the other room, where we keep the old sleep number bed he loves. I am sleeping on the new mattress that is hard as a rock but a bit better than the sleep number for my back.

At the store we laid on it for a whole 30min. in several different positions…I don’t know what happened…

When we were looking at mattresses, Brad hated all the latex or foam mattresses because they were to soft for him. he was inclined towards the hybrid mattresses…latex topper but individual coils at the bottom.
The one we bough was the only latex firm enough for him.

I was told to stay away from coils, because they apply pressure to your body and don’t allow you to have deeper sleep, but now it seems that it might be our only option…how can we get both, very good lower back support but also a softer feel on my hips…I am a side sleeper and he is a back sleeper.

He wants lower back support(all latex and foam makes him feel like his lower back dips down) I also need lower back support, but also my hips need to have pressure release, so that they don’t hurt me so much. We are very frustrated…please help us! We can’t afford a second mistake!

Hi Garfieldgirl,

The first thing I would suggest is to give any new mattress some time. It can take several weeks to adjust to a new sleeping surface especially if it is significantly different from the mattress you are used to. Your body develops a “sleeping memory” and even if a new mattress is better for alignment than the old one … it can take some time for muscles to loosen and become accustomed to a new alignment.

It would also help to know the specs of the mattress you purchased so it can be used as a reference point. Which mattress did you buy and where did you buy it?

Finally it would help to know exactly what “symptoms” you are experiencing and the area that they are coming from so they can hopefully be connected to pressure relief issues or alignment issues.

The “support” of a mattress doesn’t have as much to do with the type of support system but more to do with the firmness of the support system. An innerspring can be both soft or firm and the same is true of a latex or polyfoam core. The primary support (the part that “stops” the heavier parts from sinking in too deeply and “tilting”
the pelvis comes from the deeper parts of the mattress (which need to be firm enough) and the secondary support comes from the upper layers which needs to be soft enough for pressure relief and to fill in the gaps in your body profile and help maintain and support the natural inward curves of your spine. With 6" of latex on top of the mattress, this layer would be partly responsible for pressure relief and would also be part of the support.

30 minutes is usually lots of time to test a mattress for pressure relief and for alignment and support as well as long as you are testing specifically for both and not just trying to feel the “comfort” of the mattress which is more subjective. Is the mattress you purchased somehow firmer than the one you lay on? Is it on the same type of foundation or base? It seems strange to me as well that the mattress seems to feel so different from what you tested.

I personally believe that any material or component can work better for some people and not as well for others and your own body is a much more important “authority” than anyone else’s theory as far as innersprings or a foam core.

I can’t recommend a specific mattress or even what to change because I can’t see you lying on it and I don’t have a reference point for what you are sleeping on and a specific set of “symptoms”. A local outlet that has knowledgeable people is always in a better position to provide guidance because they can see you on the mattress and hear your feedback in real time. The better outlets I know of in the San Diego area though that have the best odds of helping you are in the list I linked earlier. I would spend some time with some of them on the phone and then visit the ones that seem to be the most knowledgeable and helpful.

If you can provide some of the specifics then at least it would be easier to get a sense of what may need to change from the construction you have … and of course this is assuming that it’s not just a matter of the initial adjustment period for a new mattress.