How are side sleepers doing w/ Tuft and Needle

Hi All,

Looking to buy tuft and needle and wondering how people’s experiences are with the mattress. I sleep on my side and worried it might be too firm.


arc1337 wrote:

I wouldn’t use the experiences of others as a way to gauge whether or not a mattress might be a fit for you. Everyone has a different somatotype and dimensional differences from the shoulders to the waist to the hips, as well as different sensitivities, so your own experience is the only one that is germane. Of course, with so many of these mattresses that are only available online you don’t have a chance to try it out in person so you need to find something with a return policy with which you’re comfortable. While many online companies advertise their mattresses as “one style fits all,” there of course is no such product, so be sure you can get your money back if you decide to go this route. Speaking directly with the online company can help you get a bit of an idea about the general level of comfort of a product and its potential appropriateness for your own use, but besides that the best thing you can do is learn about the quality of foams used within the product to help determine if the mattress has the potential to be durable and give you a good shot at being a longer lasting product.

Hi arc1337,

I would completely agree with MattressToGo’s comments as well.

While other people’s comments about the knowledge and service of a particular business can certainly be very helpful … I would be very cautious about about using other people’s experiences or reviews on a mattress (either positive or negative) as a reliable source of information or guidance about how you will feel on the same mattress or how suitable or how durable a mattress may be for you and in many if not most cases they can be more misleading than helpful because a mattress that would be a perfect choice for one person or even a larger group of people may be completely unsuitable for someone else to sleep on even if they are in a similar weight range or have similar sleeping positions (see post #13 here).

There are also no “standard” definitions or consensus of opinions for firmness ratings and different manufacturers can rate their mattresses very differently than others so a mattress that one manufacturer rates as being a specific firmness could be rated very differently by another manufacturer. Different people can also have very different perceptions of firmness and softness compared to others as well and a mattress that feels firm for one person can feel like “medium” for someone else or even “soft” for someone else (or vice versa) depending on their body type, sleeping style, physiology, their frame of reference based on what they are used to, and their individual sensitivity and perceptions. There are also different types of firmness and softness that different people may be sensitive to that can affect how they “rate” a mattress as well (see post #15 here) so different people can also have very different opinions on how two mattresses compare in terms of firmness and some people may rate one mattress as being firmer than another and someone else may rate them the other way around. This is all relative and very subjective and is as much an art as a science.

While your own careful testing or personal experience is the most reliable way to know whether any mattress is a good “match” for you in terms of comfort and PPP or how closely it “matches” or “approximates” another mattress … when you can’t test a mattress in person then the most reliable source of guidance is always a more detailed phone conversation with a knowledgeable and experienced retailer or manufacturer that has your best interests at heart and who can help “talk you through” the specifics of their mattresses and the properties and “feel” of the materials they are using (fast or slow response, resilience, firmness etc) and the options they have available that may be the best “match” for you based on the information you provide them, any local testing you have done or mattresses you have slept on and liked or other mattresses you are considering that they are familiar with, and the “averages” of other customers that are similar to you. They will know more about “matching” their specific mattress designs and firmness levels to different body types, sleeping positions, and preferences (or to other mattresses that they are familiar with) than anyone else.

Of course the guidance you would generally receive from a company that only offers a single mattress in a single firmness choice would generally be along the lines of “try it and see if you like it and if you don’t then you can donate it and receive a full refund” because there aren’t any other options that they offer as an alternative and the only way to know whether any mattress will be a good match for you in terms of PPP will be based on your own sleeping experience … regardless of whether the same mattress works well for anyone else.

You can see some comments about what I call “simplified choice mattresses” in general in post #1 here and you can see some more specific and detailed comments about Tuft & Needle along with many of the other “simplified choice” online mattresses in post #2 here in the same topic.