how far should a mattress sink down when you sit on the edge?

I tried a Lededa latex mattress. I sat on the edge & sank all the way down (I weigh 114 pounds). It fully bounced back up. Is this cause for concern?

Hi Marilyno,

No it’s no cause for concern and is actually quite normal. Innersprings often have reinforced edges which are firmer and some manufacturers actually put firm polyfoam around the edges of latex core mattresses to stiffen them up (latex is very elastic which is why this happens and also part of why it works so well) but I personally prefer to have all latex because it is much more durable than any “edge stiffeners” that may be used for sitting and I don’t like the idea of using cheaper materials that will break down sooner in a latex mattress even if it’s “marketed” as an advantage. How a latex mattress responds when you are sitting on the edge is very different to how it responds when you are lying on it.

Of course these types of edge materials may be an option that has value for some and with mattresses that use an innerspring for a support layer the edge is usually stiffer but the tradeoff IMO is lowered durability and isn’t usually worth it.