How firmness do you like?

i like plush mattress.
Do you like firm or plush mattress? Please post it here

Medium firm 6/10 or 7/10 with 10/10 being firmest.


Hi f23948.

Interesting poll! What has you asking?

I prefer a medium-plush mattress at the moment but there have been phases of my life where I preferred medium-firm based on support needs.


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Soft here! I will add that I am a side sleeper, wide hips and shoulders. About 5’7 and 145 lbs. When I am super duper tired though, I kind of like sleeping on my back and on something medium lol I would have to agree with @NikkiTMU, my needs change too!

There is no one size fits all, and definitely there is no one fit that lasts a lifetime - but fun poll!