How long till new EvoSleep mattress softens up

just bought a Sherwood EvoSleep biomedical gel RX300 mattress. does anyone know how long till this mattress breaks in/softens up.
i debated between this and the RX500 model that was a bit softer – i remembered not to go by the broken-in feel of the mattress at the store since many may have been trying out the mattresses. it was suggested to me by the salesman to get the firmer mattress as it looked as though my alignment was a bit better on the RX300 than the RX500 – and if i found the mattress not as comfortable as hoped that not much could be done for comfort if the mattress was too soft, but a firmer mattress could be worked with to soften the sleeping experience. i’ve slept on the new mattress (2 nights now) and it feels a bit too firm, i know the ‘new’ mattress is firmer than the model at the store, but now i’m not sure if i chose the right mattress or it needs a breaking in period – and for how long. anyone know?

Hi cbcb,

There are two processes that will happen together when you first buy a mattress. One of the adjustment period for your body to get used to a new sleeping surface that is different from what it is used to and the second is the initial break in period of the mattress which is when materials will settle, foams will lose some of their initial firmness, and the cover materials will stretch and lose some of their initial stiffness. both of these typically take up to 90 days or so (in rare cases even longer) but for most people it is less than 30 days.

The gel material itself won’t soften much at all but the other layers in the top few inches of your mattress (see the end of post #2 here) will go through some initial softening so it will end up feeling more like a floor model that has already been broken in.

Both your own “adjustment process” and the “break in” process will change how the mattress feels for you over the first few weeks of ownership but “how much” each person will feel both will vary with each person.