How much protection for our new latex mattress?

Hi Phoenix!

I have read your post that recommends a mattress “protector” as opposed to a mattress “pad”. We have already ordered this from Foam Order:

Organic Cotton Case:
This expensive and luxurious fabric has the natural soft feel only organic cotton can provide. The fabric used in this case is called a “double knit.” It is the same fabric that is used in our Natural Sense cases but without all the natural stuffing. Its interwoven threads result in a thicker, softer, yet more durable fabric. You will love it! (This fabric will shrink if washed.)

And we have a wool puddle pad AND a Soaring Heart mattress pad:

My partner thinks I’m crazy to suggest that we need yet another layer of protection. Like this one:

Am I understanding correctly that this (using a protector) is your recommendation for latex mattresses? And would you also recommend that we use the wool pad AND the quilted cotton mattress pad? Or only the protector over the cover?

Thank you for clarifying!

Hi buttercupbetty,

Once you’ve built your mattress with all the layers and the cover then it always a good idea to use a mattress protector to protect the mattress and the cover from the body oils and fluids that each of us emits each night and of course to help protect the mattress from any accidents. A mattress protector is also much easier to remove and keep clean and hygienic than most mattress covers.

If you have a wool puddlepad (which is water resistant) and an organic mattress pad above this (which does a great job of wicking moisture away) I don’t see any need to use any additional protection on your mattress. IMO this would certainly be fine without anything else. For some people just the cotton mattress pad would be enough (if water resistance wasn’t as important) and for others just the wool puddlepad would be their choice (if they were OK with the feel of felted wool with just cotton or other absorbent sheets over it to absorb and wick away the moisture) but together they are a very good combination as long as you are OK with the effect they have on the “feel” of your mattress.

Some people may use the Suite Sleep either by itself (if they had no concern for water resistance) or over a puddlepad (if they wanted a combination that was water resistant) instead of the cotton mattress pad you have if they wanted their protector “system” to have less effect on the feel of the mattress (the Suite sleep would be thinner and stretchier than your cotton mattress pad).

I would suggest using a protector for any mattress … not just latex.


It seems like most manufacturers use mattress “protector” and “pad” interchangeably, depending on their marketing or whatnot. Is there really a difference?

Any chance you have a link for the FoamOrder organic cotton case?


I could not find a link to the FoamOrder organic cotton case. That’s why I just cut-and-pasted of the description. If you call them, they are very helpful. I haven’t received it yet. But I will post a comment after it comes. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I hope you will like it! Keep us posted.

I have a thin (definitely not double-knit, as you can see through the cloth) cotton cover from FoamOrder for my latex topper, but I’m not too happy with it. I can’t return it at this point because I’ve already washed it, but maybe if you like the double-knit I will consider upgrading at some point. Your cotton case is for a mattress not a topper, but I believe that customizations are one of FoamOrder’s strengths…

Pure-rest has a wool puddle pad that encases the whole mattress, not just as a pad, but it is so expensive!

Hi DahliaM,

While they are often used interchangeably and both ca protect a mattress … a mattress pad is usually thicker and has some padding inside it (usually some type of natural or synthetic fiber) rather than just a thinner protector which has little to no padding in it. Mattress pads will generally have more effect on the feel of the mattress while a protector is designed to protect the mattress with less effect on how it feels.

There are a couple of small pictures of it on their site here and here.