How thick a topper?

How thick a topper should I get? I’m having pressure problems on my 3-year-old Saatva Zenhaven. For 5 years I slept always on my back to ease lower back problems (successful), but now need side-sleeping to avoid apnea. I’m 105 lbs, BMI is 14.4. My shoulders and hips feel as if they’re on something too hard, and hurt in the morning; and maybe because I’m short and short-waisted my hips aren’t hitting the right zone. Anyway it’s uncomfortable. I also have scoliosis and arthritis; hate sounding like a person with too many problems, in general I’m not!
The Saatva Zenhaven is flippable; it’s all Dunlap latex. With softer side up, layers are:
Lux Plush comfort 1.5”, is 14-19 lbs ILD (vary thru zones)
Lus Plush support 3” 25-29 lbs ILD
Gent Firm 3” support is 30-34 lbs ILD
Gent Firm comfort 1.5” is 20-24 lbs ILD
I’m assuming Tallalay latex would be best and I’m tempted to go deep! But seeking your advice first.
At a mattress store I tested Savvy Rest Serenity, with 3” medium, 3” medium, 3” soft Dunlop, and cotton case quilted with wool. Also an Obesan Deluxe, with 4” medium, 4” zoned medium, and 2” soft, plus 2.5” “organic latex and wool topper”. I slightly preferred the Savvy Rest, although with enough minutes, even that felt a little too firm under my shoulders and hips. But I don’t think I need a new mattress, just a topper.
One more consideration, apart from thickness: On a single size bed, wool can compress, because you sleep in the same part of the mattress each night. This actually happened with this Zenhaven mattress – I was sleeping all 3 years in the center of the mattress each night, on my back, with firmer side flipped up. An unpleasant trough developed. That’s hardly noticeable now that the mattress is flipped for a month, but I’m wary of wool layers.
Thanks so much for your helpful site and amazing willingness to answer individual questions!

Hi Iris.

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Sorry to hear of the pressure and pain you’re experiencing. I’m not sure how tall you are, but people who are shorter or taller than average seem to have the most complaints surrounding not quite hitting those zones just right. And, as you are a light-weight sleeper, you’re going to have different pressure and support needs than someone of average or high weight.

Right off the bat, the mattress configuration looks very plush but I wonder if a thicker comfort layer may help alleviate some of this pain. What it sounds like is you’re sinking through the plush layer into that medium support layer and that’s too firm for what your body needs.

Talalay would offer a softer, sinkier sleeping experience - 2 or 3" of a topper atop your current mattress should be plenty.

I hope I’ve provided some useful information here. Let me know what questions come up.

Thanks. I’ve just ordered a 3" Talalay ILD 19 topper from Brooklyn Bedding, with knit cover. I’ve also asked Saatva for info on zone locations, which will probably help also. Thanks for your suggestion and confirmation that zones might be part of the problem. I’m 4’11.