How thick of a latex topper?

I have an inexpensive full size bed that is uncomfortable.

I am looking at latex toppers I see everything from 1" - 6".

2" latex seems to be pretty popular. I’m willing to spend a bunch, so I can go thicker.

Is it the thicker the latex the better? Would a 6" latex topper be much superior to a 4"?

To be clear, I have a bed now that is very uncomfortable. It has no pillow top or any type of foam built in.

I like a mattress to be soft, but not too soft. I am a side sleeper, always. I am 180lbs.

I am thinking latex, but should I consider a different material topper?

Hi rtmitch224,

Post #2 here and the mattress topper guidelines it links to can help you use your sleeping experience and how much extra softness and pressure relief you are looking for to help you choose the type, thickness, and firmness of a topper that would have the highest odds of working well for you on the mattress you are using.

It would be unlikely that you would need more than about 3" and in many cases you may need less than this. Thicker is certainly not better and in most cases “just thick and soft enough” to provide the pressure relief you are looking for will be less risky in terms of support/alignment.


One thing about a topper is that it will take the shape of whatever is beneath it. If your bed is just too firm, a topper is a perfect solution, but if it is uncomfortable because it is sagging, a topper can’t fix that.