How to choose the correct layers for latex mattress

I have been looking at your natural latex mattress and I have some questions.
What would be the difference between the 10in and the 13in? I prefer a thicker mattress but not sure in a latex tho. As there aren’t any mattress stores in my area that carry any.
What about layering? I need a mattress with good support but also soft. I have severe hip pain, sciatica and some shoulder pain. He has Parkinson’s.
Would love some insight about layering. I’ve read on here that the firm, medium, soft works for a majority, so would that be the same with a thicker mattress? Or do I even need thicker? I just have a feeling that I would ad a topper possibly talalay. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
Also would the 13in with the top comfort layer in talalay feel different than the 10in with a topper?
Greatly appreciate any feedback…

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We appreciate your inquiry and the opportunity to assist you!

Among our offerings, our highly regarded and frequently recommended choice is the 10" Organic mattress. This particular mattress features three 3" layers of latex, enclosed within a quilted cotton and wool cover equipped with a convenient zipper. Notably, the uppermost layer is composed of 100% Natural Talalay latex, while the subsequent two layers are crafted from GOLS certified Dunlop latex. The unique attributes of these latex types come into play, with Talalay delivering a slightly softer and more plush feel, ideal for contouring and pressure-relief, while Dunlop boasts greater density and firmness, ensuring substantial support below. Our meticulous research has determined that the combination of three latex layers strikes an optimal balance, delivering both contouring comfort and dependable support within a single mattress.

There exists a specific scenario where our 13" model (consisting of four 3" layers) is advised. This configuration is tailored to individuals of higher weight, requiring a total of 12" of latex to attain the desired contouring and support. We typically recommend this model for individuals weighing around 285lbs or more.

For the 10" model, the two prevailing configurations are as follows: Soft (Talalay) over Medium (Dunlop) over Firm (Dunlop) (S/M/F) or Medium (Talalay) over Medium (Dunlop) over Firm (Dunlop) (M/M/F). The S/M/F arrangement is well-suited for side and/or back sleepers weighing between 100lbs and 185lbs. In this setup, the gentle Talalay latex on the surface offers contouring and pressure relief tailored to individuals within this weight range, while the medium over firm Dunlop layers underneath provide gradual and accommodating support. The M/M/F configuration, on the other hand, is recommended for side and/or back sleepers weighing between 186lbs up to approximately 225lbs. For individuals above 186lbs, the medium Talalay latex offers comparable contouring and pressure relief to what the soft version provides for those under 185lbs.

Should further inquiries arise, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are here to address your questions and concerns at any time.

I appreciate your reply and input. So lets say I was to get the 10in with soft talalay for the comfort layer, would that be a good choice if say I was to possibly later get a soft talalay topper? Or would I end up bottoming out with that combo?

It’s hard to say in advance, and I’d rather use your actual feedback on the mattress to figure out if adding a soft topper is a better choice, or if changing the firm Dunlop to a medium Dunlop would be a better choice. If you order a queen or king mattress and you request that we split your layers, you would have the option to take half of a soft layer out of the other side of the mattress and put it on top of the side you normally sleep on to actually try a soft topper on top of the mattress, just something to consider!

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