How to cool down a memory foam topper

I added a 2" 4lb memory foam topper to my 7" Dunlop core and find it really comfortable however it does sleep a little hot now
I have slats, 7"Dunlop core, 2" 4lb memory foam, down quilt, and then a mattress cover.
The comfort level is really good but I want to cool it down what should I consider.
! or 2" latex topper or remove the down quilt which my wife seems to think will cool things down but I don’t??
I see that a 1" Dunlop 20 or 32 ILD topper can be had for just over a 125$ online but returns and warranty could be an issue with these guys, and to boot thery claim that it is Talalay but I know better.
Would the 1" of latex be enough to cool down the memory foam and still keep the comfort level that it gives and what about 2"??
Thank you

Ikea Luroy slatts @ 70 CAD
Ikea Sultan Edselle King 7" Dunlop 85/15% with flippable cover for 999.00 CAD 25 year warranty
Costco 2" 4lb memory foam no cover made by FXI USA for 104.99 USD 10 year warranty
Down queen size duvet on top of the memory foam
Mattress cover.
Down duvet on top for warmth.

I have really enjoyed researching this forum and would probably have bought another S brand of mattress and within a year of two would be regretting it, or even sooner as was with our last $1500 S brand that started sagging within a year.

I will recommend this site to friends and family that are looking at buying a new mattress.


The obvious thing to do is swap out hot memory foam for a foam that breathes. I don’t know if a wool layer between would help or not. I’m sure not a fan of memory foam and can’t see “corrupting” a latex mattress with mem foam and it’s chemicals, stink, and quick sand like feel.

Thanks I will try the wool.
I too was not a fan of any of the memry foam I had ever tried however this 2" piece of 4lb made by FXI USA is realy quite comfortable, amazing almost. Yes a little stink, chemical based :frowning: but price and return policy is a major factor especially when buying sight unseen which is mostly the case for me living here in Vancouver.

Hi jege41,

Some of the newer memory foams are much more breathable than the older versions and FXI in partiular has been making higher airflow memory foams for quite a few years (starting with Aerus). In the end though … all foam is still an insulator to differing degrees and the type of foam you use is just one of the many factors that in combination with each other control the sleeping temperature of a mattress. Post #2 here has more information about the factors that control temperature regulation. In most cases even memory foam can be 'cool enough" for most people if all the other factors are “cool enough”.

All the layers that are over your memory foam will affect temperature including the mattress cover, any cover on the topper, the down quilt, the type of mattress protector you are using, your sheets, and of course the bedding which is over you.

If you are using the down duvet underneath you I would agree with your wife and remove it. Down is great over the body where it can stay lofted and has more airflow but not as good when it is compressed under the body. Many down comforters also contain feathers which are not as breathable (although they are more resilient than down) and they can also retain moisture. It can also isolate the memory foam from your body heat and slow down its response as well. “Down on Down” can also be particularly warm.

You can also read about some of the different types of mattress protectors here and if you have one of the thinner membrane types then they are less breathable than the other types and could warm up the mattress as well. If you are using polyester sheets then cotton or other natural fibers or even viscose fibers can also help cool things down. Linen is particularly cooling and durable.

So I would look at every layer that is in between the memory foam and you and see if any of them could be contributing to your sleeping temperature. You could also add a stretchy cotton or bamboo cover to the topper which may help as well. I would consider changing any of these these before considering the unknown variable of adding a topper and completely changing the feel and performance of the mattress.