How to cut a 6" core down to 3" thick??

Can anyone help me with some ideas on how to cut my 6" dunlop twin XL size core down to 3 inches thick? Right now I’m thinking a cheap bandsaw blade somehow attached to two kids scooters with me and the missus operating a scooter each back and forwards :lol: Any better ideas would be greatly appreciated. And in case you want to ask why, I want to use the existing firm core as a base then layer a 3"medium and 3" soft layer on top.

Hi there silverbull, I’m so sorry for the delayed response but I can’t even tell you how busy the last 2 days have been here at Sleep EZ! Any attempt to cut the 6" core down yourself is likely to destroy the layer, so my best advice would be to find a latex supplier in your area that will cut the core down for you. Anything else would be really risky and I’m afraid I wouldn’t have any better advice for you beyond having a professional with the proper equipment get it done for you.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately where I live (Sydney, Australia) there are no foam suppliers or businesses that will cut foam horizontally. Heaps around that will cut shapes via vertical cuts but I can do that myself easily. Probably will stick with a fine tooth bandsaw blade if no better ideas can be had and just be ready for the fact I may have to buy a replacement layer. The core is too firm so I can’t use it as is anyway so it will be nothing lost if I ruin it in the process.

Hey silverbull,

Good to hear from you and thanks for your question :slight_smile: .

Sounds like you’ve got an interesting DIY project planned, would like to hear more about that as the work progresses. See too that you had some feedback from TMU expert Trusted Member Sleep EZ on their thoughts:

Yes, I concur with SleepEZ, partnering with a local latex supplier who has the correct core cutting setup would be ideal for maintaining the structure of the core. Thanks also to @SleepEZ for their excellent consumer support on New Years Eve, appreciate you’re looking out for TMU consumer subscribers no matter when they need your assistance.

Sorry to hear that you don’t have a nearby resource to cut your core for you, but I am looking forward to hearing about the results of your proposed fine tooth bandsaw blade cutting experiment. Thanks again for your question and when you can, please keep us updated on how things work out and what next steps will be on your DIY build.