How to get cats from getting under an adjustable bed?

Hello Friends,

Hey guys I’m trying to figure out a way to prevent my cat from getting under my adjustable bed so I don’t crush her, and also to prevent her from damaging the bed with her claws, Does any1 have any ideas or ways to prevent that.

Thanks in advance
Tony Layton

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Hi Tony,

Not sure how you’d keep her from getting under the bed unless you place something there which would block her from entering that space…although not sure how adjustables work and if that’s possible.

As far as her scratching the mattress, I’ve had to deal with this too. This may not be a practical solution but I put two sided sticky tape that they sell in the pet store on the side of the mattress where they like to scratch…not on the actual mattress but on the linens, this worked for a while. Also i keep a thick quilt on the mattress which covers the area they like to scratch which also means I’m quick to make my bed after I wake up in the morning. If your cat allows it (mine won’t) trim her nails down periodically. I also put a tall 3ft tall scratching post in front of the area of the mattress where the cats like to scratch and I did this in front of my couch too. My cats rather stretch up on their hind legs and scratch the post instead of the bed. Not sure if your cat gravitates to one area of the mattress and if she scratches the sides of the mattress, all cats being different in their own special way.

Maybe other people have better suggestions.

take care

Hi Tony,

Not sure how similar it is (I don’t own an adjustable bed and never have) but I liken the cat getting under the adjustable bed as similar to getting into the Christmas tree (a problem I can relate to). Not sure if it is realistic to compare the two, but to get some ideas of how to keep the cat away from under the adjustable bed you can consider searching how to keep a cat out of a Christmas tree. You should get plenty of results. For example,

Not sure if this will be helpful to you, but I suspect the general principles are similar. Good luck