How to look for and find the best mattress ... for YOU! ***READ FIRST***

Hi johnep,

Sorry to hear about your GERD condition, usually a flat sleeping surface using an inclined mattress is usually one of the most effective solutions to assist with the acid reflux issue and you are correct that Power foundations with elevation capabilities are very popular items in that regard. The Glideaway models with an elevation kit such as Odessa or Accord adjustable base offered by Magic Sleeper here with incline. are very good options for this. As far as Leggat & Platt new offerings I’d make sure to post your question on Richmond Bedding’s expert on TMU forum as they are our L&P experts that have had every model and would know about any new offerings and features that L&P has or plans to offer in the near future. As Richmond Bedding (owner Tim Hilles) has been directly dealing with the manufacturer for many years they have very competitive prices that you may wish to check out. We do not have any information about Legget and Plats potential future product, and we rarely coment comment upon new arrivals until the product has been formally introduced and had a chance to be l evaluated. Certainly, I am not surprised that L&P would have such a product coming out in the near future.

As far as Rest Right Mattress, they are a fairly new online retailer (opened in 2016 and owned by Jesse Crow) providing adjustable beds and mattresses so there is not much track history with specific information regarding their products and customer service that has been posted on TMU. Magic Sleeper, is a Trusted Member of TMU which means that they have been vetted by TMU against a set of rigorous criteria for membership… which means that we think highly of them and that I believe that they compete well with the ]best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency. I’d certainly make sure to give them a call as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help their customers make informed buying decisions.
Additionally, you might find interesting to read more about therapy and inclined bed solution post and also about different sleeping positions in, this article here.

Good luck with buying this product, of course, this is a big purchase so let us know if you have other questions.