How would this hybrid feel compared to a SOL medium?


I’ve been shopping for/building a new mattress for the past while and recently got the chance to sleep on my friend’s Sleep on Latex Medium (no topper) for a few nights—I know people say it can be too firm, but I personally really liked it. I think I’d like to build something of similar firmness if possible.

From some research, the SOL seems to be 4"/2"/2" of their of 46/34/20 ILD Dunlop. I don’t think I want to build an exact copy, as I already have 6" Quantum Edge springs from when I started DIYing a mattress a bit earlier. I also would like a mattress that’s a bit taller, as I can feel the bed slats through the SOL.

If I bought the same 2"/2" toppers and put them on the pocket coils, how would this feel in comparison? I know it’s hard to compare across hybrids and full latex directly, but swapping out the 4 inch core for 6 inches of coils feels like it would be softer? I have heard that those coils are really firm, though, so I’m not positive (although 46 ILD Dunlop is firm too).

I was also considering making either the very top layer talalay (same ILD) or even both of them, as I’ve tried it and like the feel as a comfort layer. Would this make it too soft relative to the SOL, or would it still be pretty firm on the 6" coils?

Appreciate all the help—have been on here reading for a while, but figured it could be easier to ask directly

Hi giraffeslep.

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The feel would be generally similar. The mattress will likely have a bit more bounce, since the innersprings afford that feature. You’re right that coils also provide a firmer feel to a mattress.

You’ll definitely feel a difference, although I can’t say for sure whether you’d find it too soft since that’s totally relative to your preferences and support needs. However, Talalay does have an airier “softer” feel, but it will still be quite firm so…I don’t foresee the configuration being too soft.

The upside is if you buy a 2" layer that has a great exchange policy and ultimately hate it, you can swap it out for something you like better.

Also, does your mattress have a stabilization layer (foam or coir or something) at the very bottom? That won’t impact much the feel of the mattress but would help with not feeling the slats.