Hunting That Perfect Bed Frame

Hey all,

First time on the site, been enjoying reading around, especially the thread on the Tuft & Needle diary, as we’re looking at getting one of their mattresses.

I was wondering if ya’ll could help me hunt down a bed frame. My girlfriend and I absolutely adore the bed frame on this page of Casper’s site. It’s simple - Metal frame, platform style. Yet I can’t seem to find one like it (King size) anywhere.

Anyone have any idea where I could find one like that? We love how it looks a bit industrial yet super simple.

Thanks All!

Hi TheAdamSharpe,

I not familiar with it and don’t recognize it from the picture but it may be worth calling Casper because they should probably be able to tell you where it came from.

It seems to be “somewhat” similar to the Simple Life Foundation here without the cover.