Hybrid (Latex and Pocket Spring) With Pillowtop Feel

We have slept on a traditional innerspring with a pillowtop for many years. We very much enjoyed this mattress until the layers of polyfoam (various layers of egg crate foam) wore out .

We tried several bed in a box style all foam mattresses but did not like them for various reasons.

We went to a Jamestown Mattress store in Rochester and have decided we want the following features in a bed:

  • Pocket Spring Core
  • Latex Layers
  • Adjustability
  • Pillowtop or Pillowtop like top

Avocado seems close but it lacks the adjustability (not a zip up cover) and seems like we are paying for the “green” label that we don’t care about.
Arizona Premium Mattress - Ultimate Hybrid seems like it would be perfect but lacks the pillowtop.

Is there anyone that does what we’re looking for?

Good question, a pillow top is simply a sewing feature than enhances the look of the mattress to highlight the upper comfort layer. Just because it doesn’t look like a pillow top doesn’t mean it can’t offer the same comfort. A plush top can have the same amount of comfort as a pillow top in other words. Some folks will add an additional topper over our Ultimate Hybrid for added comfort or have us customize it to include the additional layer inside the cover. I hope this answers your question.