Hybrid Latex DIY Split King Question

My home does not allow for me to fit King size coils through the hall/doorway. So I have to order two twinXL coils, but my question is can I just layer King sized latex toppers on top ? I can squeeze those through the doorway.

Should I buy a bed bridge to connect them under the latex layers?
Will straps around cause any damage to the coins? I will get Quantum edge Bolsa 8in coils.

Thanks ! Glad to be doing my first DIY mattress.

Hi jtek49.

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Yes, assuming the measurements align correctly, that’s not an issue at all. In fact, I have two twin bases under my king sized mattress as well (I don’t know if they’re XL though, the whole system was a gift).

You could add a stabilization layer between the coils and the latex if you wish (like coconut coir or some other thin pad) but everything will be well held together by the encasement you ultimately choose.

I truly don’t think straps would be necessary here.


Hi Nikki, Thank you for your reply. I am excited to be on your mattress forum!

I am playing to use the SLAB cover so it seems like that will hold up well. Thanks!

Definitely let us know how everything goes!


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Thanks Nikki!

We went with the twin XL coils, and it was super easy to fit them through our tiny corridor. So far we have only experimented with king size toppers and those fit too, so we didnt need a bridge either. We may end up getting two twin XL toppers in the end, still testing our firmness. Right now we have a 46ild Firm SOL (really its xfirm) on top and we really like it. It might be a tad too firm but we only slept on it one night so far.