Hybrid vs all latex mattress

Hi. I just bought a 3 layer dunlap latex mattress and it’s great. My son wants more side support for his potential new mattress. We are looking at an Arizona mattress pocket coil with 3" latex topper. It seems the hybrid would have advantages in being able to replace the topper years down the road and it would be like new. What is the downside/difference in feel of the hybrid vs the all latex mattress? Thanks!!

Hi geo_man.

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Congratulations on your new dunlop mattress. It’s great that you like it!

As for your questions - the difference between a hybrid latex and an all-foam latex configuration comes down to:

  • hybrids tend to sleep a bit cooler as the springs allow for more airflow beneath the comfort layer
  • hybrids have the traditional “springiness and bounce” that many people enjoy from a mattress
  • all foam have better motion isolation
  • all foam allows for easier reconfiguration and customization if the feel isn’t “just right”

I hope this helps :slight_smile: