Hypersomniac needs Mattress Help

I’ve got a rare sleep disorder, Hypersomnia, which causes me to sleep anywhere from 9-16 hours in a row. I also have chronic back pain so there are days I spend even more time in bed. All this adds up to me needing a mattress that can take a lot of wear and tear/use. I like a soft mattress but I know that can be a detriment to the mattress for someone who is in bed as much as I am.
So i need help in anyway you can offer. Initially my question is:
Do i go foam, latex or coils?
Or some combination?
Obviously because of Covid-19 and that I live in NYC, I can’t go mattress shopping. So if you could point me in the direction of which online companies might have what I need, I’d be grateful.
Thanks in advance

I’m sure the experts will respond. But a few of their questions likely will be:

Your height and weight:
Preferred/normal sleeping position
Current mattress–what is it, what’s good, not so good?
Previous mattresses–what was good/not good about them?

It does make it very difficult without being able to at least try some in person. The vendor members on this site usually have good sleep trial guarantees but it’s still a lot of work if it doesn’t work out.