Hypnos or Vispring?

We’re looking for a 7ftx7ft mattress and we have narrowed it down to two.

The Vispring Elite £1449 or the Hypnos Ortho Gold £1429

Both are around the same price but how do I know which one to choose? The both have similar spec, however Vispring is meant to be the better brand but at our price range the Elite is the bottom of the Vispring Range whereas the Hypnos Ortho Gold is mid range for the Hypnos brand…

Any suggestions?

Hi gemz1989,

I don’t have any specific suggestions because there are too many variables and specific criteria involved in choosing a mattress that are unique to each person but I would be very cautious about brand shopping because you are buying a specific mattress not the brand and both manufacturers have access to the same or similar components and materials.

One way of comparing them would be to compare their specs such as type and the grams per square meter of natural fibers each of them uses in their layers or some of the other specs of each mattress (such as the number of turns in each of their coils). If you wish to make these types of comparisons you can see the specs of the VI spring Elite here but you would need to find out the equivalent specs for the Hypnos from your retailer of from Hypnos since they don’t list them on their site. If natural materials only are one of your criteria then the Hypnos uses PET fibers as one of their layers which is a synthetic material. The problem with these types of comparisons though it that the specs won’t tell you anything about how well you will sleep on the mattress which is the most important part of the “value” of a mattress purchase.
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There is more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you make more meaningful quality/value comparisons between mattresses in terms of suitability and PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) durability, and value.

There is also more in post #2 here about the different ways to choose a mattress (either locally or online) that is the best “match” for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) that can help you assess and minimize the risks of making a choice that doesn’t turn out as well as you hoped for that are involved in each of them.

Both of these mattresses are very well made and don’t have any lower quality materials or weak links in their design so I would treat them as equivalent in terms of durability so I would choose between them based on which of the two your careful testing indicates would be the best “match” for your body type, sleeping positions, preferences and sensitivities and all the other parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.