I bought the Ultimate Dreams mattress--now what?

Hi Huckster,

All you need is a firm even support system that will make sure your mattress doesn’t sag and will raise it off the floor to a comfortable height.

This could be a metal bedframe such as some of the ones mentioned here (widely available in any mattress store) that goes under a foundation and raises it off the floor.

A foundation that can use legs under it in the middle (for center support) and on the outside of the foundation. The legs would replace the frame and raise it off the floor

A platform bed with slats (similar to a foundation except its an actual bed)

A platform bedframe with a wire grid that is a combination foundation and bedframe.

The Brooklyn Bedding website (the manufacturer of your mattress) has some suggestions here with some examples.

The foundation thread here also has more information and many suggestions and any of them would work for your mattress. The more even, rigid, and supportive the support surface under your mattress the less it will stress the foam in the mattress that sits on top of it.

I would tend to avoid a solid platform base (like plywood) if possible because it reduces airflow under the mattress (unless you get an adjustable bed where a solid platform may be unavoidable)

So you really need three things … a solid non flexing and evenly supportive slatted or wire grid surface to support the mattress and keep it from sagging through any gaps, something under it to raise the support surface high enough so your mattress is at a comfortable height, and the mattress on top of it.