I did it - after weeks of indecision ordered from Sleepez!

Hi Phoenix, I wrote you last week trying to decide whether or not to keep my 4" polyfoam base and order a smaller latex mattress, or start fresh with just the latex. After days going back and forth, we decided to order the 8" October special at Sleepez and try it both with and without the foam base. I have a feeling we are going to be fine without it but 12" total is not too high for a bed if it works and feels good.

We went with the 8" special because, per Shawn, it is basically the same mattress as the organic line, but has a stretch cotton cover instead of the organic quilted cotton and wool. We are both light people and like a firmer feel to our mattress so am pretty sure this cover will be fine for us but if not we can always purchase the wool one. We went with the “classic” firm, medium and soft. The only thing is with the cotton cover, Shawn recommended going with one king top layer and 2 half size individual layers below, instead of dividing the top layer as well for more customization. He said with the all cotton cover you can pretty much feel a divided mattress, which isn’t really the case with the wool one. I am a bit concerned about losing this bit of customization since I like a firm mattress and may regret not being able to go move the soft layer down one for me only, but since we will be sleeping closer to the latex anyway, I’m thinking this may cancel that problem out.

I’ll check back in when I get it to let you know how it feels for us and what we decide to do with the polyfoam. I’m very excited as I’ve been suffering from significant back pain recently when I awake which I really feel is due to our memory foam having lost its memory and no longer supporting me properly.

I did just realize that I forgot to mention Mattress Underground to get my discount so need to call Shawn back!

This site has been tremendous help, thanks to you and all the posters!

Hi Myjanda,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

With the non quilted cover … the different feel of each side in a split layering would come through more and it would increase the odds that you would feel the split which of course is why he recommended the single layer with this mattress. With the wool quilting … this would have a thicker cover which would even out the split (and add a little bit of extra firmness) so having a single top layer wouldn’t be necessary.

Don’t forget too that the primary support of the mattress comes from the middle and lower layers so having a softer top 2" layer wouldn’t really affect the support of the layers below it … which are also the more supportive Dunlop anyway. Even mattresses with firm support need some softness on top or they wouldn’t provide adequate pressure relief for most people.

If you add the polyfoam layer under the mattress (and it would need to be outside the cover or it wouldn’t fit) … it may soften the mattress up a little more because the polyfoam would add an additional layer that was softer than the slats of your bed. I doubt you will need this but it’s there if you decide to try it.

I’m also glad you remembered your “Mattress Underground” discount because you were a member here before you made your purchase :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve received the mattress and had a chance to sleep on it a bit.