I finally found the perfect setup for me.

Picked up a Sleep On Latex medium with a 2in soft topper and it’s the best bed I’ve ever slept on. Also half the price of the SleepEZ I’d tried before and far more comfortable, not even close. I’d strongly suggest anyone in the market for a latex bed give them a try since their return policy is the best I’ve ever encountered in the mattress industry. Every other company needs to study these guys.

Hi orfik, and welcome to The Mattress Underground :slight_smile:
Glad to have you here with us.

That’s great to hear!Trusted Memberof the site Arizona Sleep EZ Factory offers many great mattresses, but as you have found, differences in
Material providers and supply chain difficulties can force some businesses to charge a higher price, and others can lower theirs for the same reason. Awesome that you find the Sleep On Latex to be ‘the best bed you’ve ever slept on’!
Since any mattress is unique to the sleepers using it, based on their stats(height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions) and their PPP(posture and alignment, pressure relief, and personal preferences) Its’ always best to try a mattress in person if possible, as that’s’ the best way to tell if a particular sleep system will be comfortable for a consumer or not.

For returns, Sleep On Latex does have a free return policy, dependent on their warranty terms, While Sleep EZ does have a charge – again due to the vagaries of the supply chain and shipping policies around the world; Any good Mattress Manufacturer wants to provide the best comfort for a consumer, since, return charge or not, shipping something as bulky as a mattress is not cheap! Charging a small return fee is essential for smaller manufacturers to keep afloat, while many of the ‘big box’ stores can afford to absorb the cost with volume sales.

In any case, congratulations on the new mattress, may you have many years of comfortable sleep going forward!
Feel free to let us know your impressions once you have had some time with the new mattress!

~ Basilio