I keep purchasing the wrong mattress

I bought a mattress that was too firm, my legs and arms were going numb. The next 2 mattresses still made my back and shoulders hurt. Then I got 2 other mattresses that were too soft and messed up my back big time. I need to get another mattress but am so frustrated and my health is suffering from it. I am 120 pounds and a back and side sleeper.

Hi Rocky238,

Sorry to hear about your issues.

A lot of off-the-shelf mattresses are not built for someone with your weight profile. I would suggest you consider a mattress made with Latex. The top layer can be made of a relatively soft density that will help to minimize or eliminate the pressure points on your hips, shoulders, and back. There are several companies on the platform that can help such as @CST, @Sleep EZ, @ArizonaPremiumMattress, @Latex Mattress Factory, @Flobeds.