I need help finding a memory foam mattress to buy for the first time ( The second time around)

Hello everyone,

Great information here, I’m glad I found this place. So I bought a Memory Foam Dr. mattress off of ebay 4 years ago and while its held up somewhat its extremely firm and uncomfortable to sleep on without a soft topper placed on it. I’m in the market finally to buy a more reputable brand, the problem is the ones I’m interested in such as rocky mnt., selectabed ect. are out of my price range at the moment. I’m trying to stay under $700 for a queen size. My girlfriend and I tried out the I comfort Insight and Savant in store and loved how soft yet supportive they were and we are looking for this kind of mattress. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated as to a good comparision in my budget. I live near glendale, CA if anyone knows some local brands to look into. Thank you very much!

Hi timberghost,

In case you haven’t read it already … post #1 here is the best place to start your research and has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make good choices.

Some of the better options I’m aware of in the Los Angeles region are listed in post #2 here.

The Insight has just under 3" of 4 lb gel memory foam over a firmer polyfoam core and there are many memory foam mattresses that have this basic construction (although different types of memory foam and different firmness levels of polyfoam will change how they feel compared to the Insight). You are on the low end of the budget range for a reasonable quality memory foam mattress but you should still be able to find a basic model available locally and if not you also have some good online choices available in your budget range.


Thank you very much Phoenix, I had just stumbled upon those posts haha. I will read them and use the knowledge I gain to try a few local places out. I will probably ask more questions on here but I ill try to do my homework as well. Thanks again and I appreciate your help!

Hi timberghost,

I’m looking forward to your feedback and of course any questions you may have along the way :slight_smile:



I tried laying on a bunch of different mattresses today and both my girlfriend and I loved the feel of the I-comfort “Prodigy” and the tempurpedic “tempur cloud supreme” the best. Phoenix, can you or anyone else tell me more about these mattresses? As far as the different layers, how dense they are and the ILD number of the foam? The sales people siad they didnt know or didnt have that information available for me. Thanks!

I’m trying to learn what I can so I can find a siiliar feeling mattress. There were a couple softer ones then the one si listed but I didnt feel very supported by them and my spine curved too much in them.


Hi timberghost,

You can read a little more about the iComfort mattresses in post #11 here and more about the Tempurpedics in post #10 here and post #2 here.

The guidelines in the “read first” post suggest avoiding both of these or any mattress where the information about the quality of the materials isn’t available or any retailer where you aren’t able to find out the information you need to make an informed decision. If you shop in these places you will only be making a blind purchase with no way to make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

You can read a little more about trying to match one mattress to another in post #2 here. In the case of the iComforts the only way to compare them would be based on how their subjective “feel” in side by side testing and of course this doesn’t say anything about how the quality of the materials or the value compares because you would need to know the details of what is in each mattress to make meaningful quality or value comparisons. In the case of the Tempurpedics there are some online manufacturers who compare their mattresses to the Tempurpedic lineup in terms of “feel”, design, or the quality of materials (or in some cases all three) so if you are considering one of these then it would be worth testing the Tempurpedics as a guideline for an online choice.

Other than this … these are both in the list of mattresses I wouldn’t even consider because they are either lower quality, lower value, or both and I wouldn’t send any time testing them because even if you happen to like them (other than the Tempurpedics) you generally won’t be able to find out the quality of the materials and you would be no further ahead in terms of making an informed decision or being able to make comparisons with other mattresses than if you hadn’t tested them in the first place. testing mattresses where you don’t know ahead of time that you will be able to find out what is in them is generally a waste of time and will only lead to frustration for anyone who wants to know the quality, durability, and value of what they are buying.