I see local manufacturers-are there any in Mississippi?

I really like the tempurpedic cloud luxe. Can you recommend a mattress that feels similiar without the HIGH price tag?

Hi Charlottek,

Part of the difficulty with “matching” two different mattresses that use similar but not exactly the same materials and layering is that they may feel the same for some but not for others because each unique body type, sleeping style, and even different sensitivities can mean that small differences may be more noticeable for some than others. The only way to know for sure that two mattresses feel similar to you is by testing them side by side so that the subjective “feel” can be compared at the same time. If a few hours goes by … then the memory of how a mattress feels compared to another is usually no longer accurate because subjective perceptions are very difficult to directly compare.

Having said that … there are some very good online options for memory foam mattresses and if you call the better ones they will usually tell you which of their mattresses may be closest to a particular Tempurpedic based on the feedback of their customers and their knowledge of the layering of each mattress. Some of the better online memory foam manufacturers are in post #12 here. Several of these are members here (which means that I think particularly highly of them) and one of them has even designed and tested their mattresses in side by side comparisons in their bricks and mortar outlet to be as close to each Tempurpedic model as possible.

There may also be some manufacturers or better sleep shops close to you as well that may have some good memory foam options that may have some models that feel similar to you (and use similar quality materials with better value than the Tempurpedics). If you let me know your city or zip (a state is too large an area for me to look) I’d be happy to let you know of any that I’m aware of that are close to you.