i think i accidentally discovered a perfect pillow ?

so i gave up trying to find a pillow for myself, but i already had the knowledge and mother’s day was coming up and my grandma has been telling me that she read that high pillows are good for the brain and she is keeping a towel under her pillow to make it taller so i figure - i’ll get my grandma a taller pillow for mother’s day, i go on Amazon and then i accidentally see this:


damn ! that’s just about exactly what i was looking for - FOR MYSELF !

not only is organic cotton over wool over latex precisely the combination i wanted but most importantly - this pillow is adjustable ! that is you can take out extra latex to customize the height to exactly how high you want your head ! i have been looking for a pillow where you can remove some of the latex without any luck and then i just stumble on this accidentally !

but damn it costs 5 times as much as Dreamfoam pillow but on the other hand it IS adjustable and if you’re going to go for adjustable pillow i would much rather go for Latex than buckwheat !


damn king size is $237 with shipping - that’s more than all Tempurpedic pillows except the Grand. i was really planning to spend more like $60 on a pillow …

hm this one is also a definite maybe:


doesn’t have the wool, but that should make it softer. has adjustable latex fill and removable / washable stretch knit organic cotton cover.

and is $100 less !