I think this mattress is too firm? Not really comfortable.

I’m potentially excited about my new SleepEZ bed, but I have a couple of questions.

My bottom 2 layers are Medium dunlop with Firm dunlop at the bottom. I already had two 1" layers of soft talalay and I put those on top of the dunlop in a 9" cover.

So last night was my first on the new mattress. It felt too firm to me, I couldn’t quite settle in. There is supposedly an adjustment period … is my experience somewhat normal/typical? Will it feel less firm to me over time?

Should I do a “layer swap” – perhaps the middle layer, from medium dunlop to medium Talalay? Or would it be a better idea just to buy an extra 1" of soft talalay that I lay on top of the mattress?

I’ve been sleeping on the two 1" layers of soft talalay for a while, - it really worked for me, having those on top of my firm innerspring mattress that I’d slept on previously. From what I understand, a layer of latex outside your mattress cover will be softer (have more give) than a layer inside?
(I’m 5’8", weight about 120 lbs.)

Any advice appreciated! Thanks

Well thank you so much for the order! If you’d like to make the mattress softer, all that is required would be a layer exchange. Since this is your first exchange, it would just be a flat-rate $30 fee. We will ship your layers first, and we will ship them with extra plastic that you can use to package your current layers, and we will ship it with a pre-paid Fed Ex return label. Also, if you will please call us when you are ready to ship your layers back we will schedule a free Fed Ex pick up for you. I would try an exchange before purchasing a 1" layer just to help save you some money, but you are correct, having a topper that is not encased with the rest of your mattress makes for an especially plush feel because it allows that top layer enough spatial freedom to curl upwards when you lay on it, so it moves upward and hugs / contours to your body.