iComfort mattress protector and sheets

I recently purchased a iComfort Directions Reinvention King sized mattress. I am in need of a mattress protector for it and some new sheets. according to the web the demensions for the mattress are 76 x 79.5 x 13.
I have found this http://www.serta.com/buy-mattress/accessories/mattress-protectors/icomfort-mattress-protector-w-pillow-protector
I can not find any feedback or reviews on this mattress protector. any thoughts?

also the protectabed mattress protectors have 6 or 7 different ones and they all seem to be the same. what is the difference between them besides the price?

Any recomendation on sheets? Any input on these http://www.serta.com/buy-mattress/accessories/sheets/icomfort-luxury-sheet-set-white-dots
I would really like the fitted bottom sheet to fit and not pop off once you get into the bed…

I want to keep the “cooling” feature of the mattress and not void the warranty so waterproof is something I’d like.
Tried to search through some old posts and couldn’t figure out which would be best


Hi njbeachrat,

I’m not personally familiar with any of the products you linked so my comments will be more general in nature and about the materials they use.

There is more about the different types of mattress protectors in post #89 here and the Serta protector you linked is one of the membrane types (with a waterproof / semi breathable membrane). It has a layer of fabric on each side instead of the more typical one side only which will protect the membrane a little more effectively and in that way would be similar to the Protect-a-bed Elite except the Protect-a-bed has cotton terry on both sides while the Serta has Tencel fabric on one side and a cotton blend (probably cotton/polyester) on the other. The main difference between the different types of membrane type protectors is in the type of material they use on one or both sides. The Protect-a-bed here for example has a eucalyptus based viscose fiber similar to Tencel which also uses viscose sourced from eucalyptus. Other sources of viscose material among many other includes bamboo and beech trees (modal) except the eucalyptus fabric is only on one side.

You can read more about the different types of fabrics used in sheets in post #7 here and the posts it links to as well.

You can read more about Tencel in the Wikipedia article here under its generic name Lyocell.