icomfort serta Renwal Refined???

After reading briefly a few posts I get the idea that big name manufactures are a bad idea for the value, however I was wondering if I made a good deal.

My wife and I want a new mattress but we don’t want your traditional spring mattress and we have a budget of $1000 but we are willing to step out of that if we come along a good mattress/value since we will be sleeping on this thing for at least 15 years. I can sleep on anything and in any position. I really don’t care and don’t get aches and pains, however my wife is different. She is a side sleeper mostly but I see her sleeping in every position now and then and she complains about pains in her shoulders and lower back but mostly shoulders a lot.

We came across the Serta Renewal Refined mattress which the retailer had discounted a new mattress half the price since they have discontinued this model. We went ahead and bought it since they had one left and I thought it was a good deal. I still have 30 days to return it and have considered it since it was a little on the firm side and she liked the softness of the Savant model a little better but that one was 700 dollars more. Didn’t think that was worth the price difference. We got the Renewal Refined Queen Size for $1,150 and overall wanted to know if we did good or are there better quality mattresses for that price else where? The retail price for this mattress is listed usually at $2,300. Also you may wonder how we like it so far but we haven’t yet picked it up from the store which we plan to do this weekend unless of course we return it. Tell me what you think.


Hi danielo247,

I think more in terms of the “value” of a mattress purchase than just the “material value” of a mattress and this always depends on how well a mattress purchase matches all the objective, subjective, and intangible factors that are the most important parts of your personal value equation. No matter what you pay for a mattress or the kind of “deal” you received … if it doesn’t match your specific needs and preferences and you can’t sleep on it then it would have little value to you.

Having said that … if your mattress was newly manufactured and wasn’t a floor model or a used mattress then it seems like you paid significantly less than the usual selling price for the Serta Renewal Refined and it would also compare well with other similar mattresses that used similar materials in similar layer thicknesses so based on the “material value” of the mattress (which is only one part of it’s overall value) it appears to me you did well.

In terms of any “weak links” in your mattress … most of the top layers are either medium quality/density (4 lb gel memory foam) or high quality/density (the 5 lb memory foam and the latex) and there is only an inch of lower quality materials in the comfort layer (the 1`" of “support foam” which is low density polyfoam) in the upper layers of the mattress which wouldn’t play a significant role in terms of its durability.

I would also keep in mind that when you look back on a mattress purchase many years from now you will remember much more about how well you slept (or didn’t) than you will about how much you paid for it although the selling price is of course always an important part of the value of any mattress purchase.

So if your sleeping experience is as good as the price you paid or you have good exchange options available to you if it isn’t then it seems to me you did quite well.