I lurked this site for some time firehosing information into my brain for my two young kids and their first big kid beds. They have allergies as did I as a kid - mine were resolved after switching to a latex pillow in my youth. I stopped at IKEA to buy the wooden slats prior to the mattress and saw the Edsele on sale for $499 for a twin (down from $729), I asked the reason for the price drop and they said the newer models were coming in. I was drowning in mattress information fatigue/paralysis by analysis so that price seemed too good to pass up - plus it was local so I’d have them in that day.

So far so good. The kids love them. They are firm but in a good way.

The cover looks/feels to be of solid quality (100% cotton, thick, zippered) and easily removable.

The mattress tag lists the materials as:

87% Latex Foam Rubber
13% Wool

This looks to be different than what’s on IKEA’s site and what’s been mentioned here. I thought I’d pass this info along to anyone on the fence about an Edsele due to price.

Thanks to Phoenix for an outstanding site and the obvious dedication which seems to spring from a good heart.

Hi LordOfSleep,

Thanks for the heads up about the Edsele … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think the Edsele can make a very good choice for children and it’s been mentioned in several of the forum threads about mattresses and children.

[quote]The mattress tag lists the materials as:

87% Latex Foam Rubber
13% Wool[/quote]

The law tag lists the materials in a mattress based on their percentage by weight so based on the law tag description 87% of the weight of the mattress would be the latex and 13% would be the wool. The Edsele description on the Ikea site also lists latex and wool wadding as the same two “ingredients” in the mattress (outside of the cotton ticking) which would agree with the law tag. The online description says that the latex is 85% natural rubber and 15% synthetic rubber but this is different from the law tag which doesn’t specify the type of latex or its natural or synthetic rubber content.

Thanks again for your feedback and for letting us know what you ended up purchasing … and for the kind words … I appreciate it :).