Ikea Sultan Favang with Sultan Torod natural latex topper

I have the Sultan Favang high resiliency foam mattress and can’t get a good night’s sleep on it–my back hurts. It might be too hard?? - I think this mattress is rated as firm? The mattress is on the carpeted floor and not on a foundation. So I am thinking of getting a Sultan Laxeby slatted bed base and also adding a Sultan Torod natural latex topper to make it softer. Has anyone tried this combination? Would it be better to exchange the Favang and get a Sultan Heggedal - natural latex on pocket spring coils; wondering if this model still available since I don’t see it on their website but can find it by doing a search. Thanks!

Hi CT29,

It seems to me that the Sultan Favang would be a good candidate for a topper and I’m not surprised it is quite firm to you with only 5" of foam. Thinner single layer mattresses tend to be firmer and higher weights would make it feel firmer yet as you will compress it more. I’m not sure what the status of the Heggedal is but if you ask them it would be great if you could let us know.

While a topper can be a good choice to improve pressure relief for a mattress that is too firm … it’s can also be risky unless you can test the specific mattress/topper combination in person. Without personal testing … it can sometimes be almost as difficult to choose a suitable topper as it can a mattress in the first place.

The same would hold true for any other changes or components you are considering which can change the feel and performance of your mattress.

I would personally test the combinations you are considering at Ikea so that you can use your own personal testing to make sure that your sleeping system provides you with good PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences). This is the most reliable way to know how well it will work for you. Post #1 here has some suggestions to help you test each combination for pressure relief and alignment.

While I would choose the combination that works best for you in your testing in terms of PPP … if you do decide to add a topper to your mattress without testing the specific combination first … then the guidelines here may be helpful.


Thanks for the information Phoenix. I checked the Ikea website and Heggedal isn’t listed in the mattress section but it shows up if you do a search for it - maybe they are planning to discontinue this model soon? I tried the Favang, Edsele and Heggedal (the Ikea store I visited had the Heggedal with the Torod topper on it; but it looks like the Heggedal is rated as most firm so maybe this wouldn’t be a good choice either) and they all seemed fine while I was in the store. Anyway, I think I’ll do more research into toppers. Is 5" of foam too thin to be a good core? Would it be better to get a thicker topper, something thicker than 2"? Thanks!

Hi CT29,

It depends on each person’s body type, sleeping style, preferences, and individual perceptions and physiology. As a base layer it would probably be fine for most people but it may not have enough thickness to provide the combination of pressure relief and alignment that is necessary for a particular person by itself. The only way to know with reasonable certainty is to either test it carefully and objectively or to sleep on it for a period of time. Post #14 here has more information about how thinner layers will compress and get firmer faster than thicker layers and mattresses and may be less adaptable for higher weights and different sleeping positions. All the layers and components of a sleeping system interact together so the choice of what topper may be best for you would depend on how the mattress underneath it interacts with both you and the topper. The better quality the foam in the mattress … the more “adaptable” and the greater range from soft to firm it will have by itself.

My personal tendency would be to test the mattress and topper together (so you can experience exactly how they perform and interact together) and then just the mattress without a topper and then choose the one that provides the best PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences).

If you did decide on just the mattress … then I would make sure you sleep on it for a while to give it a chance to break in and for you to go through the initial adjustment period that is part of any change in a sleeping surface and then decide whether you need a topper based on your actual experneince. The topper guidelines in post #2 here may be helpful if you do decide you need to add a topper to any mattress.


Thanks for the additional information. I have the mattress and will be doing some research on toppers. Thanks again!

CT29, I’m curious if you bought the Laxeby base and/or this topper for use with the Favang. I tried that combination in the store today (Laxeby + Favang + Torod) and it felt pretty good. I’m worried about the Favang being too firm by itself on a platform base.