Imattress By King Koil

Looked and couldn’t find anything on Imattress on here. Do you know anything about these Mattresses, like quality. Issues…ect


Hi jdeck66,

As your topic title indicates … the iMattress is made by King Koil (Comfort Solutions) which is normally one of the brands I would avoid (see the top 15 list here).

The iMattress line has different models and outside of careful and objective testing for PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) … the most important part of a mattress purchase is making sure that you know the quality of all the materials and components inside the mattress (see this article and post #4 here). Without this there is no way to identify any weak links in the mattress or make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

This thread has more information about one of the iMattress models which as you can see I would avoid because of the lower quality of the materials inside it which would be the weak link of the mattress.

If you can find out the specifics of the materials in the iMattress you are considering and post them on the forum I’d be able to make more meaningful comments or help you identify any weak links in the mattress. If the information you need isn’t available to you, then I would pass it by.