Impact of temperature extremes

I’m very happy with the latex mattress you helped me select, and now I want to buy a foam mattress for a cabin that is normally not temperature controlled. The environment will vary from hot/humid summers to winters that will occasionally dip below freezing. Will that impact the performance or life of a mattress that contains some combination of latex and poly foam?

Hi jharvey,

Temperature can have a significant effect on the firmness and feel of temperature sensitive materials such as memory foam although it can vary depending on the specific formulation of the foam. Some types of memory foam are more or less temperature sensitive than others but in general higher temperatures than you would normally find in a bedroom will soften memory foam while much colder temperatures than you would normally find in a bedroom can result in a significant increase in the firmness of the memory foam.

Consistently high temperatures or humidity levels that are enough to make a significant difference in the firmness of the foam can also have some effect on shortening the durability and useful life of memory foam as well.

Temperatures in the range you are mentioning will only have a very minor effect on the firmness of foam materials that have very little temperature sensitivity (within reason) such as polyfoam and latex and will have little effect their durability.